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Rent from February next year will be a "minimum area"
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Ministry of Construction and Housing has issued "Measures for the Administration of goods rental" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), a clear rental contract period, the lessor shall not be free to unilaterally raise the rent level. To the original design also provides for the minimum rental housing units, limiting the "room in the house" and sharing behavior. The approach will be February 1, 2011 since the implementation of the 1995 release of "Urban Housing Leasing Management Measures" shall be repealed simultaneously. Spike has not yet introduced the minimum rental area per capita "Measures" clear violation of the provisions to change the nature of housing rental housing can not. Such as the construction of additional illegal loft conversion, living commercial shops changed, if the rental will be considered illegal. "Measures" under Article VIII, rental housing should be based on the original design for the smallest room rental flats, rental building area of not less than the per capita local government minimum standards. Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage may not be leased for human habitation. If you violate these provisions will face trial for three million maximum fine. At present, Guangzhou has not introduced minimum space standards per capita rent. But the current implementation of housing security policy, if the per capita living space in Guangzhou, less than 10 square meters of housing can apply for protection. Analysis, this provision is intended to inhibit the sharing, transformation of a single room rented in the room will be stopped. Rental housing for sale given priority to buy the lessee "Approach" provides rental contract period, the lessor shall not be free to unilaterally raise the rent level. If the lessor sells the leased property during the lease, the lessor shall be notified within a reasonable period before the sale of the lessee, the lessee has right of first refusal under the same conditions. The industry believes that these provisions would not worry about housing tenants are suddenly back off rent. "Approach" is also clear, after the rental contract within 30 days, the parties should be to lease rental housing local government building (real estate) department in charge of leasing for registration. Individual fails to register is punishable by a fine of 1,000 yuan (Prior to the provisions of Guangzhou, the record is 3 days, and offenders fined 100 yuan). "Approach" also requires the real estate departments shall establish a rental registration information system, the progressive introduction of online registration lease contract, regularly publish different types of sub-regional housing market rent levels and other information. Full House Properties Limited research manager Zhou Feng told reporters that the first 11 months of this year, the average rent of rental housing in Guangzhou reached 34 yuan per month / square meter, up 16% over last year. February next year when the implementation of new approaches, it is peak season for the rental market. Public response More pressure on limited shared tenant Hairs on the senior year in September came from Guangxi, Guangzhou, internship jobs. To save money, Xiaomao choice and students sharing a house rental in ShiPai East, home to three of 10 square meters, and another girl squeezed her a bed to sleep. Housing rent of 800 yuan per month, through the sharing, the burden of hairs just 200 yuan a month's rent. "If I were rich, I would like to own rent a room." Yesterday, the Ministry of Housing and Urban introduction of Getting the "approach", hair that is unreasonable, "states considered too simple, because a lot of people not the same, not all have to pay affordable rent. "Many users also questioned the new regulations, that the current prices so expensive, limited sharing will bring greater pressure on the tenant, and even some people can not afford the high rents and because of high housing prices and leave cities. Sound industry Small area there is a market demand for rental housing Guangzhou Land and Housing Bureau said relevant, Guangzhou few landlords will raise the rent free period of the lease contract, unless the expiration of the contract price will be adjusted according to market fluctuations. The official also said that Guangzhou has been forbidden "room in the room" phenomenon, the Ministry of the least restrictive housing built rental units is intended to prevent a housing reform and more room to bring insecurity. But only a small area to meet basic living there is a market demand for rental housing, the government should be in the design and construction of public rental more consideration. "Tianhe and Haizhu have shared a lot of people, but the improvement since last year so a lot of room in the house has been white-collar workers had to rent a bigger room." Full House Properties Limited research manager Zhou Feng believes that the key to see how the implementation of new regulations and regulation, if unable to control, the introduction of this policy made little sense.
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