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Chuzhou with the first batch of low-rent housing rent Yaohao
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摇号 through open, 40-year-old Wu Zhengling for the first time have their own room, "life lived in new houses did not, and today I finally had a home!" 4 am, South Qiao District Shiwupeizu open the first low-cost housing摇号, the first approved 50 priority Poor Families in 40 sets of low-cost rental housing. Shake out the order of table tennis Less than 8 points, Lung Poon Management District meeting room will be filled with people, many people came here early, waiting for low-rent public housing 摇号, City Notary Public Office and South Qiao District Supervision Bureau staff also has come scene. Enjoy rented the first priority is particularly excited Tong Kwong Lam, unable to walk because his feet and came back over the scene are relying on other people. "Three to four dollars a month rent really solved a big problem for us. Thank the government take care of our disabled, has given us new hope of life." He said. In the first 16 families with rent 摇号, the remaining 34 families 摇号 start. Wuzheng Ling came to power by number, a touch table tennis, when a notary declared the 01, she is very happy to smile, because it means her son in the remaining 24 suites can be the first election room. It is understood that Wuzheng Ling and her husband Tom is far from a steady job training, relying on odd jobs for income maintenance, life is very tight. A crowded rented house in the "flat" for many years and often need to move. "I want to buy a house, an end to the days of no fixed abode." Wuzheng Ling told reporters. Sign the agreement today and tomorrow 摇号 after the first 16 families with rent and the remaining 24 families selected the house site. Although 摇号 been settled, but remind the family with rent, it must be in the December 6-7, Lung Poon Management District to sign a "low-rent housing lease contract Chuzhou" or "low-rent housing Chuzhou purchase contract." Lease agreement entered into the family, to be 600 yuan a year prepaid rental fees. The "I'm Feeling" poor families do not have to worry unsuccessful. It is reported that in the low-cost housing after the closing time of the agreement is signed, has been with the family to give up the election room rent, losing family can order off the bench, and the next priority applications can be rented.
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