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Apply for low-rent housing should meet the seven conditions
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Mr. Wu is a laid-off workers Taiyuan public, due to difficult economic conditions in the family, he was ready to apply for low-cost housing, would like to know what conditions apply. It is convenient service hotline 12345 Government staff, families apply for housing security shall meet the seven conditions: one, family members, with the city urban town accounts. Second, the family lived in the city in 1 5 Years, other family members live more than 2 years. Third, families with per capita monthly income of 608 yuan, an area of 10 square meters of housing are the following. Fourth, family members have a statutory maintenance, custody or dependency relationship. Fifth, in the room The process of reform and the demolition had not purchased housing reform, housing subsidies have not enjoyed and monetary compensation and resettlement. Sixth, the applicant and family members of a joint application before the application within 5 years had not purchased or sold real estate. Seven, not enjoyed Buy predicament room, Anju, affordable housing, housing units within the fund-raising, special housing, such as the implementation of the policy of private purchase policies. In addition, the low-rent housing to household applications, security standards for per capita housing floor space area of 15 square meters, the subsidy standard 10 yuan per square meter per month.
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