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Recently, some rental housing for the drain pipe out of control caused by the security administration blind, Jinan City, the city public security authorities launched a concentrated period of rental housing more than two months of "literacy" special action. Since the actions carried out since have been Caught hidden in the field of rental housing in the 21 fugitives and 256 according to the law provisions of the lease violation of public security administration were owner warnings, fines and other penalties for public security. Meanwhile, the city has 1,564 rental housing owners take the initiative to Police authorities to register, said it would fulfill their management responsibilities, and actively cooperate with public security organs of management. In recent years, gradually increased rental housing in Jinan City, but some owners of rental housing driven by economic interests, to avoid public security management, not taking the initiative to the public security authorities to register, causing part of the line of sight of rental housing are not included in management , Has created a blind spot, and even some rental housing to become criminals premeditated, and harboring the crime, the location of stolen goods. Meanwhile, the number of foreign fugitives, fled with drain pipes made out of control of rental housing as a hiding place Serious risks to the social order. Recently, Jinan continuous cracked several major cases, people involved in rental housing are hiding in the foreign population. That seriously endangered public security for the outstanding problems, in October Since the 18th, the public security organs in the city carried out the security management for rental housing, "literacy" special action, and strive to focus on through this action, management of rental housing completely eliminate blind spots, plugging loopholes in management, purify the social governance Security environment. According to report, Jinan City, the police are in accordance with the "door-to-clean, by the registration, critical review, leaving no" principle, all rental housing for the city to carry out Mo Pai registration. Since the special operation began, has been dispatched Police more than a thousand people, gathered on the city's rental housing a dozen areas carried out the "dragnet", "carpet-style" inventory. Next, the police will continue to increase inventory of rectification, the management of long-standing difficulties, to Not open the door and knock, did not see people of rental housing, put in place management measures. Violation of regulations on the rental owners and renters, will further increase the education and punishment. Meanwhile, police remind the owner of rental housing, in order to protect your legal rights and social order, please not to the police station for rental registration, to register, stop leasing, for injection Marketing procedures; lessee Department of temporary foreign workers should be first led to the police station to declare his temporary residence registration and temporary residence permit may not be rental to the lessee without valid documents; found that the lessee has Criminal activities or have criminal suspects, and shall promptly report to public security organs.
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