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More than 150 illegal demolitions of houses continued rent subsidies will be dem
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Yesterday morning, the area Nong'an been forcibly evicted the residents a lot less, only a few "representative" still here "caretaker" of their own home. Residents built a small shed next to the ruins yesterday, have been residents of spontaneous removed, leaving only two single beds used as a temporary rest, the left side of the bed There was a table, lay a table covered with newspaper the basin , Which contained residents allegedly breakfast, boiled white potatoes, sweet potatoes. And that mouth pot that stood still, but perhaps it will not assume from this that people had given it the task of cooking, but has become a leading children play To, because we need places to live, do not need to cook in the demolition area. Unlike the previous two days, residents face look is no longer a concern, but have a smile. According to residents of Wufeng Qin introduced yesterday morning the relevant departments have to find them, for this matter and they do communicate And said that during the relevant departments in the demolition, it will give them 300 yuan per month used to rent an apartment to live, "Great, do not be cold out." Wufeng Qin said. To solve the problem of food and clothing, residents need not worry about exposure to cold by the hungry, And has been plagued by the problem of placement of their yesterday, they also saw the light, according to Wu Fengqin introduced yesterday with the relevant departments of communication, also spoke to the resettlement issues related to the leadership said it has found a development Providers, is currently under negotiation, tentatively scheduled on November 1, will give an answer that nine residents. "
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