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Pluvial old city is transformed on the west of sunrise of the eastern side of th
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Search search sees data of website market department show, the middle ten days of a month will arrive in July in August the middle ten days of a month a the middle of a month, rent clinch a deal the quantity is compared only atrophy will be become in June, hire is fluctuant inside 5% limits, but 7 areas clinch a deal annulus comparing increases apparently, among them rainbow mouth and Huang Pu grow respectively 65% with 54% . And in area of annulus comparing reductive, before treasure mountain, Xu Hui and Jing Anju, part atrophic 40% , 47% with 71% .

Guest of old labour chummage " outflow "

Treasure mountain area is rented glide to basically result from the price of old labour house such as the new residential quarter that connect a river to not be approved. In regarding as, mouth of the bearer outside low income collects an area, hire of treasure mountain month 2000 yuan of the following rental rooms are demand heat all the time. But nowadays many second bridal chamber also low greets city.

Pan Kangqiao water is in building of treasure Shanxi the city zone to will make a room centrally May, because investment objective is more, to June, hang out one's shingle increase sharply of rental room source. Because many buildings rent with semifinished product room, hire is general very low. 110 square metre two rooms or 140 square metre 3 rooms, average month hire does not exceed 2000 yuan. According to its last year eleven thousand five hundred yuan / the price of square metre, year investment return rate is insufficient 2% . Home of republican of Pan Baochen of building of sell like hot cakes of another treasure mountain have not large quantities of quantities make a room, but already warm-up rents the market.

It is on the low side of hire of second bridal chamber at the same time, it is Qi Lianxin however at the same time the rent of old labour room such as the village, new residential quarter that connect a river reachs 2000 yuan of upper limit. Then, often be versed in originally of the room hire a guest to begin Xiang Cixin room to flow, or be hired through closing or pass group hire will continue to reduce hire cost.

Influence of owner state of mind clinchs a deal

The Xu that is large proportion atrophy together collects He Jingan, although belong to central the city zone, but atrophic property type each are not identical.

Xu Hui area is intermediate July property clinchs a deal glide scale is achieved 59% , on behalf of hire of the garden austral Lou Panzheng from 3500 yuan / the month promotes 4000 yuan / month, go up more than 14% . Just about this kind of property is short-term inside the price is quick go up raise, cause rent clinch a deal the quantity glides quickly. The search that occupy search sees explanation of personage of market of feedback of website intermediary client, if must be value of this kind of property to rise quickly,seek the word of a reason, be apart from south the come within one's jurisdiction of it may be said of Olympic Games football match that the 80 thousand person stadium of Shanghai with not far garden hold.
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