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Buy chummage house of Fang Jiechou bowel is 80 from the back a difficult problem
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Mew, it is the problem that nots allow to despise. Had the home, just had ease house place, had ease house place, ability will be successful its heart. But the house price of hurricane lets like racing bicycle resembling F1 80 hind too far behind to catch up with, silent anxious heartbroken.

Buy a house, anxious!

To advocating of individual character 80 say later, the airspace that controls completely for oneself, belong to oneself decorate adornment style, these are must. After entering a society then 80 hind begin to seek the private space that belongs to oneself, bought a room to become everybody's collective topic.

80 hind small pay felt puzzled, ability graduation half an year, the boudoir friend that why talks about hairdressing to protect skin a little only only in former days gets together now, 3 words do not arrive to have the classics that buy a house a little in succession. "Because hire a room to always have a kind of feeling that live under another's roof, without attributive feeling " , good friend millet spoke much 80 hind " buy room a group of things with common features " aspirations.

However, "80 hind " the biggest trouble that buys a house or " Fang Nu " and " gnaw old a group of things with common features " title, parents helps paid head pay, think the power that leans oneself still can be borrowed slowly formerly. But actually, a lot of " 80 hind " the room borrows pressure impute to parents, "The money that beautiful is parental provide for the aged " , one 80 hind " Fang Nu " say helplessly.

One 80 hind the brother plaints: When we still are going to school, the house of others is distributive, when we buy a house, the house shoots up. 80 hind the love doomsday that derives because of the house, such story has heard marital crisis coma. Love of a lot of people prepares to marry for years, by force of continue without the house like marathon love, some parted company, also have tighten pants chatelaine mortgaged a house, still be borrowed to pester the upper part of the body from now on however. Small write one brother, just mortgaged a house, lie between a day to see his QQ autograph be changed " in borrowing money to still be borrowed... "

Rent a house, be difficult!

To a lot of ab extra " 80 hind " , renting a house is the first selection means that solves housing problem. Of house price climb litre drive the price that rent a house also all the way whirlwind rises, especially this year, add large construction to be transformed greatly, create market of bigger the demand that rent a house, and high grade room source is found very hard however.

The fat job of small Yang Zaige that pursues media job is fast two years, had moved the home 5 times. Those who mention this two years move experience, xiaoyang deep feeling is quite much. It is difficult to seek a room, make an appointment with intermediary, ask friend, get online check, what means has been used. The landlord that encounter also is the boundless universe. Among them miserable only oneself know.
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