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One-room flat and two bedrooms still are popular commodities of the market that
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One-room flat and two bedrooms still are market popular commodities, both the sum occupies the 84.06 % of share of the market that rent, scale continues to soar.

Small family still heat up hire

The search that occupy search sees the count of the website, one-room flat of Shanghai average house, two bedrooms and three-room flat house are average in July lunar hire is 2262 yuan respectively, 2585 yuan mix 3669 yuan, with will compare June, all small are climbed litre.

These connect cheek by jowl with the traditional busy season that rent, the student that hires Fang Yigang to graduate is in the majority with the person that change a room. Those who deserve attention is, suffer the Olympic Games to expect an impact, tourist of many other place and abroad personage swarm into Shanghai to watch a football match, rent market infuse for Shanghai new vitality, will rent in July to Shen Cheng bring a small climax.

Hang out his shingle from July sample size door model form in light of, the building of Shanghai rents building of the three-room flat in the market to supply specific gravity still least, 15.94% what occupy total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera about, with photograph comparing will drop somewhat in June. And one-room flat and two bedrooms house are supplied relatively enough, occupy respectively hang out one's shingle of gross 40.45% with 43.61% , among them one-room flat place occupies proportion is small to rise, three-room flat proportion is small drop.

Area hire goes up drop each other shows

Newest Central Plains (Shanghai) rent index shows, the hire of central the city zone drops somewhat, hire of second center the city zone has certain extent to rise.

Drop an apparent area it is Xu Hui area, area length peace, Huang Pu area and general Tuo area, drop it is respectively 4.34% , 3.87% , 2.06% with 1.08% , treasure mountain area maintains rise impetus, average rent rises 5.24% , become again go up a the largest area. Secondhand of room market " valence does not have city " bring about partial owner to turn around turn to the market that rent, increased to rent the supply of the market. In the supply that increases gradually and demand joint action falls, the market that rent clinchs a deal the amount is small rise, but area hire can appear small are reduced.

Treasure mountain is big China board piece hire rises apparent with door model slant small, be concerned by broad white-collar favour. Even if 3 rooms, 4 rooms, area also greatly under average level, two rooms are controlled in 75 square metre, 110 square metre control 3 houses. Current, board piece hire all valence 44.8 yuan / square metre / month. Board piece inside building dish water bank La Qiao will clinch a deal to be rented 3 sets in July, the semifinished product that the area controls in 98 square metre two rooms, hire is in 2100 yuan - 2800 yuan / month; Big China 3 villages are rented clinch a deal more active also, the one house that 50 square metre control, hire is 1600 yuan - 2200 yuan / month.
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