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Fire of ice of the Shanghai market that rent is double day
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7, August is building city off-season, it is no matter one, secondhand buying and selling still is rented, it is to clinch a deal no matter the price still clinchs a deal the capacity appeared to fluctuate apparently. Become loose in the round compared with skill house price however, clinch a deal quantity cutting sb in two at the waist; Secondhand the room trades low fan, bargain space enlarge, what the market that rent behaves still is to be able to be encircled can nod. Data of landed market department shows Han Yu, the middle ten days of a month will arrive in July in August a the middle of a month of the middle ten days of a month, rent clinch a deal the atrophy that the quantity becomes than there will is one June only, and clinch a deal the price also is inside the fluctuant limits of 5% . From whole town each areas look, although major area clinchs a deal to glide compared to the same period, but also not be whole town uses up Chinese ink. In Han Yu 15 canton of landed key monitoring have 7 administration area inside the country rent clinch a deal link is clearer than will having June increase, among them rainbow mouth, Huang Bu clinchs a deal apparent to the limit of one's capacity, grow compared to the same period respectively 65% with 54% . And before He Jingan resides the treasure mountain in area of annulus comparing reductive, Xu Hui, atrophic scale is respectively 40% , 47% with 71% .

In regarding as, mouth of the bearer outside low income collects an area, hire of month of treasure mountain area 2000 yuan of the following heat that rent the room is market demand all the time. The water of Lou Pankang bridge of treasure Shanxi the city zone will make a room centrally May, because investment objective is more, this case will hang out his shingle June rental quantity increase sharply. But because be semifinished product room,rent, hire is general very low, it is no matter 110 average meter of two houses or golden standard does not exceed 3 chummage of 140 smooth rice 2000 yuan. According to its last year 11500 yuan / the price of smooth rice, investment return rate is insufficient 2% . Home of republican of Pan Baochen of building of sell like hot cakes of another treasure mountain although have not large quantities of quantities make a room, but also had begun warm-up to rent the market. Treasure mountain area will rent July glide to basically originate of the husband house price such as the new residential quarter that connect a river do not suffer approbate. The health bridge water that afore-mentioned telling, the 3 chummage gold of semifinished product of home of Bao Chen republican still did not exceed 2000 yuan, and the upper limit that is similar to a surname to also reach even the two houses of the new residential quarter, new residential quarter that connect a river 2000 yuan. The market is rented in low end, husband chummage guest flows to bridal chamber, below the condition that expands in building area group hire become a kind again likelihood. So, did not produce major change in the population that rent while, close hire and group hire caused treasure mountain area to rent clinch a deal to drop of the amount considerably.
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