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Secondhand room market " carry out relet " warm up continuously
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The Shanghai in cruel summer is secondhand room market, wait-and-see mood is so grumous still.

Produced intermediary orgnaization to be in understanding to arrive from the Shanghai main rooms such as Central Plains, faith yesterday, current buyers and sellers as before refuse to budge does not fall, the owner of source of room of the high end in a few hold does not wish to reduce register list price case, chose relatively reliable strategy to be resale of house property of under one's name mostly hire, secondhand room market " carry out relet " impetus warms up ceaselessly. Many skill house buildings dish dozen lose sales promotion, virtually increased vicinity secondhand the price pressure of the room.

Concern personage introduction according to Shanghai Central Plains, olympic Games of have the aid of holds " east wind " , xu Jiahui, house thing upper part of the body board piece appear opposite on the market that rent relatively active, together with this board piece the property investment return rate inside is extremely high, accordingly, trade at present in Shanghai below insipid big setting, a lot of owner choose resale to be hire, clinch a deal the price also rose than last year 5 % left and right sides. Especially 5000 yuan / month - 6000 yuan / the source of 2 rooms room that the month controls, basically can be digested inside a week.

And in Pudong world rich board piece, show one clique landlord to be eager to selling, but buy buyer to be willing more " buy in order to hire era " phenomenon. Concern chief introduction according to Central Plains house property, at present Pudong world rich board piece main from eye inside header board piece secondhand room in light of market level, board piece old acquaintance of Lou Panxin of immanent carry out is knitted, second bridal chamber and husband room all have, at present this board piece hire of second bridal chamber is in 2 rooms 2800 yuan / month - 4000 yuan / month, husband chummage gold is in 2000 yuan / month - 2500 yuan / month, if be located in riverside southeast road " Hua Na name encloseds ground for growing trees " at present two chummage gold is in 3500 yuan / month, be located in Chang Lidong road " the cloud one village " gold of chummage of husband of 58 square metre is in 2000 yuan / month.

Occupy store of in relief shop of faith building the Eastern Han Dynasty additionally to grow Introduction Chen Shuguang, current Shanghai is secondhand room market whole goes low, with respect to area of the mouth that take rainbow character, building index whole will drop in July 0.60% . Nevertheless, the beach outside the north in this area board piece because its hold concurrently live oneself the function with investment, no matter still clinch a deal from the price,accordingly the capacity looks, the market is strong from beginning to end. River of square of international of river of platinic mansion, boast, name is 7 stars city, new outside beach international spends center to wait with south see Huang Pu the high-grade building with Jiang Jiangjing and well-known landscape of Oriental bright phearl dish, the near future clinchs a deal more active.
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