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Building city dish is whole chummage to go up to still drop?
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About house price, after everybody is expecting an Olympic Games, meanwhile the market renting a house that everybody also can care Beijing. From the point of current market condition, the price beyond 4 annulus of Beijing is in adjust excessive level, so whether is the market that rent a house also affected?

Should make clear above all a bit, hack house should be compared many what sell, hire valence to affect sale price only, it is very small that sale price affects the possibility that hires valence; Next, because our Chinese is much, area development difference is very big also, the result that creates so is, rural person walks toward the city, the person of small town walks toward big city, the person of big city walks toward central city, hire nature is conference room did not fall high, this namely why the reason that house price won't drop, the person always wants, you did not see which white-collar sleeps in the evening on big driveway, method of our China investment is too onefold, even if look now, investment house property also should invest a risk than finance a lot of smaller, because come to those who see house price and hire for a long time rise,be hasten of general trends place, because the person's income should increase after all, what house price rises is fast make short line investment, bought sell, what house price rises is slow perhaps do not go up, even if fell namely, also can do long term investment, rental building earns rent profit, the circumstance that resembles such city of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen additionally is different, shenzhen because that place has been lost gradually once " the window " action, a lot of capital flow toward other city, caused socially disengaged capital is overmuch, because a moment ago said the issue with the investment single method of our nation that pass, these money flowed to estate market entirely, transfer fried a room to be brought about finally now predicament.

There are a lot of people beside, but have so much house property in that way without what figure Shenzhen (and the estate market of Shenzhen grows such irresponsible concerns with the bank are very big now, before the loan of Shenzhen is examined and approve, be really inattentive unusual, this photograph has very big distinction to the market of Beijing and Shanghai) , without wild investment demand, increase huge population cardinal number, hire still rises quickly below the premise with house price not clear now trend, so still can a few is willing to do now long term the client that invests demand cleans out a room when house price is relatively stable now, especially a few places are particularly good secondhand room, advanced a few years when it is one house is begged hard simply, do not see the there are plenty of such people that the room buys, the person that wants to rely on hire to assure long-term earnings at that time is taken no account of basically civilian curtilage, basically be the business shop that turns to small-sized office building and village, such client came back again now, after this has a client Spring Festival, we bought a CCTV in our inn on the side of new building secondhand room, came down to spend entirely near 1 million, oneself were spent 60 thousand decorated, rental now 3500 yuan / month, I calculated, press current hire level namely, can call in 25 years cost (old building, property is done not have basically, the heating that has 2100 yuan every year is expended) , so look it is from beginning to end return rate, but house price can rise for certain during this, hire can go up for certain, unless you suspect the economy of Chinese future development latent capacity.
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