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Admiral of the Shanghai inside year relaxes cheap hires room admittance conditio
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From room ground branch understanding arrives, up to by July, shanghai accumulative total accepts cheap to hire housing to apply for a family 39538, have 36975 via what examine and verify accords with a condition, already 36653 enjoyed cheap to hire housing safeguard, occupy 99.13% what accord with conditional family number. On this foundation, branch of city civil administration will be accelerated further other each are street (town) income checks the system is built, what check income the job covers whole town each district, county inside year is all and street (town) .

Current, the main requirement that files this city cheap to hire housing to ensure is: Living space of domestic average per capita under 7 square metre (do not contain) of 7 square metre, income of month of domestic average per capita under 600 yuan (contain 600 yuan of) , the family does not have equivalence of motor-driven car, rental building and capital of finance of 30 thousand yuan of above to be worth bigger belongings and temporarily bigger property income. Inside year, municipal government will relax further cheap hires housing to file admittance requirement, continue to enlarge this city cheap to hire housing to guarantee range.

Up to by this year June, whole town 126 street (town) (central the city zone is all and street with every suburb, county each 2 street (town) ) already finished income to check systematic equipment, had income basically to check condition. Will begin July from this year, pudong, Lu Wan, Huang Pu, Xu Hui, lasting peace, static how, each area such as north of Pu Tuo, brake is all and street accord with enlarge cheap to hire be benefited the town dweller family of application condition, all can be in to its census register street (town) the special window that community general affairs accepts a center, by the regulation the program applies for cheap to hire housing safeguard.

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