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On Shanghai commodity house will rent market check in July
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In July 2008, shanghai building rents an index to be 1227 a little bit, exponential annulus rises than June at 10 o'clock, annulus comparing rises 0.8% .

In July, the Shanghai building market that rent is shown rise situation. Because be worth the traditional busy season that rent, go up except high-grade room somewhat outside slow down, market of fair chummage hire all goes after general merchandise house and carry out sign is good, each board piece have different rate rise. Predict this prices will continue to will control September.

Sluggish of high-grade chummage gold goes up

In July, ring of gold of chummage of Shanghai high-grade goods is compared rise 0.3% . Among them, annulus of two rooms rent is compared rise 0.4% , annulus of 3 rooms rent is compared rise 0.2% .

In July, although high-grade chummage gold continues rise situation, but already appeared exalted sluggish goes up phenomenon. Will go up in July an area before house is only: Ancient north board piece rise 1.5% , new Hua Lu and Nanjing on the west road board piece rise respectively 1.1% with 1.0% . Level of hire of the others area or with keep balance basically in June or callback. The area that drops among them has, hit Pu Qiao board piece drop 0.7% ; New season floor piece drop 0.3% ; Old door plank piece has 0.2% on the west drop.

Shanghai building rents exponential office analysis to think, high-grade chummage gold rises in successive a few months is small later, market follow-up is lack of power. Additional, space of bargain of enough, rent increases room source relatively, also be to cause high-grade chummage gold to go up a main reason that puts delay. Current, high-grade room " raise a house in order to hire " investment return rate already was in year of hire low.

Average room is little to the limit of one's capacity

In July, gold of chummage of Shanghai general merchandise relatively annulus comparing will rise in June 1.5% , among them annulus of two rooms rent is compared rise 1.5% , annulus of 3 rooms rent is compared rise 1.6% .

In July, enter peak period of tradition of the market that rent, general merchandise house begins small to the limit of one's capacity, each board piece hire general goes up. Two areas have rainbow mouth and Yang Pu each of 2.1% rise, among them the 4 flat of rainbow mouth area piece rise 3% , of Yang Pu area dominate field of river, 5 horn board piece also have 2% go up, expression grabs an eye. Huang Pu and general Tuo rise respectively 1.8% with 1.7% , with the look is better than expression in June; The others board piece all small rise.

Public house learns area heat after carry out

In July, after Shanghai makes work public house (old labour room) hire relatively annulus comparing will rise June 1.4% , among them annulus of one room rent is compared rise 1.1% , annulus of two rooms rent is compared rise 1.4% .
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