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Olympic Games match shows the 3 great heights that rent on shortly Shanghai
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Shanghai Central Plains will consider to seek advice from a know on August 7, as the Olympic Games kick off, the 3 great heights that rent appeared on Shanghai, if rich of world of Xu Jiahui, Pudong, Min goes 7 treasure board piece short hire a phenomenon to warm up. As we have learned, hire and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year rose 5%-10% .

Be located in long happy Lu Yina, the road that allow a country, Mount Hua road, road austral Wan Ping collects core area with the Xu on the west, because stadium of Shanghai of place of Shanghai Olympic Games is owned inside the area, latter hire clinchs a deal the price is compared the corresponding period rose last year 5% the left and right sides. And world rich board piece north receives world gain meeting the site of a conference or meeting, south to outer shroud line, Huang Pu is received on the west river, board piece inside mainstay line is on south road and Yang Gaona road, the near future also attracted a lot of hiring guest. At present this board piece hire of second bridal chamber is in 2 rooms every months 2800-4000 yuan between, husband chummage gold is in every months of 2000-2500 yuan between, with photograph comparing rose generally last year 10% . 7 treasure of Min Hang board piece the northwest horn that is located in Min Hang area, the large zoology that is Shanghai lives the city zone, attracted many young groups to rent a house hereat, lunar hire and photograph comparing rose last year extent is achieved 8% .

According to Shanghai Central Plains research seeks advice from ministry statistic, in July, shanghai is secondhand house business market is wait-and-see atmosphere still grumous, below the case that in Bo Yiyi of buyers and sellers old refuse to budge does not leave, the owner of source of room of the high end in a few hold does not wish to reduce register list price case, chose relatively reliable strategy to be resale of house property of under one's name mostly hire, short-term tall hire drives together with Olympic Games, make secondhand chummage hire market warms up somewhat.

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