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Olympic Games benefit does not have creation to hire house price miracle very mu
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"We Feburary once lease a month 70 thousand yuan high price, but same now area, same decorate, the hire of the house of same position has 20 thousand only. " Mr Han that already was engaged in estate intermediary 3 years says.

In this fervent summer, olympic Games weak point hires a room to go out without creation however " price miracle " , return to rational price calmly however.

Before 3 months, concept of capital Olympic Games fries heat, the short line out renting a house near place of a lot of Olympic Gameses than former days tower above 5-8 the price of times.

  "The psychological price of some owner is too high, still had signed up for 100 thousand yuan high price before. " Mr Han expresses, now as the Olympic Games kick off, there still is the house of a lot of empty buys all round place, the market offers up a sacrifice be more than beg.

The Central Plains real estate of Mr Han hold post is apart from national stadium only two stations road, advocate the Lou Panji of battalion this getting on that it is near Olympic Games place.

Face this kind of situation, a lot of owner ask actively to depreciate, relevant data shows, enter since June, short the price that rents a house is reduced generally 50% .

In the reporter in visitting, the discovery one place around Olympic forest park two house clothbound builds a house, short hire quote 8000 yuan, water charge of electricity is assumed by owner. "This price is more reasonable. " the expert expresses.

"The person that comes round to seek advice these days is compared previously a little many somes, basically come round to see an Olympic Games, the individual also has a company. " the 21 centuries that Miss Zhang place holds a post can see clearly in the office of praedial company " bird's nest " , she expresses, short hire a room to clinch a deal although did not anticipate,measure so fire, but what report without some media is so gloomy, the price that clinchs a deal besides is not low.

As the price reduce, compare at the hotel around, short hire a room to show a competition ability gradually.

"The circumstance also has change now, client of period of time asks to hire 3 months before, now basically is a month. " Mr Han says.

If say the short market that rent a house has,earn have deficient, so the business affairs hotel all round Olympic Games place can say was to earn a basin earthen bowl to be filled with completely. According to reporter understanding, store of village of Olympic Games of hotel of travel of divine boat business is in quote 2500 yuan / the circumstance of the day falls to lead already amounted to 8 into, entering a client basically is nonlocal media. This ferial in mark a price 268 yuan business affairs hotel, quote during the Olympic Games 2500 yuan, the word that enters time to grow is OK and favourable go to 2000 yuan.

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