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Leaving to run quickly the month has entered the cheap on Shanghai of 10 thousan
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As a measure that pushs housing safeguard, the Shanghai inside year will relax further this year cheap hires housing to file admittance requirement.

Under one's name has run quickly car, lunar income already crossed 10 thousand yuan... these people also apply for cheap to rent a house. Since carrying out cheap to hire room policy, shanghai often is encountered such " awkward " .

Current, strengthen an individual except ceaseless appeal outside sincere letter, shanghai is building " income checks system " , through civil administration, labor, money duty, industrial and commercial and the information of the departmental door such as finance is shared, master the income information of relevant applicant. This one system will be in the urban district this year 100 many street carry out, return hopeful to apply at in the future economy is applicable the more and public policy such as deliverance of room allocation, medical treatment.

"Plum ghost " frequency goes out highlight cheap to hire Fang Shen to ask " guard a pass " difficult problem

This year, shanghai rents cheap the house explain draw a crowd by low guarantee a group (income of month of average per capita under 360 yuan) expand in the round to low income group (income of month of average per capita under 600 yuan of) , formulary applicant family " living space of average per capita under 7 square metre, the property that must not own motor-driven car, rental building and 30 thousand yuan of above " . Current, cheap rents a house deserve to hire give priority to with rent subsidy, for each one complemental with " average per capita 7 square metre " the balance between, each areas (county) each the subsidy level of every months of every square metre comes to differ 62 yuan in 32 yuan. Cheap hired a room to resolve living concern for a large number of difficult dwellers, but the person that this fills the welfare policy of allure to also draw many have ulterior motives.

The reporter hits Pu Qiao in the Lu bay area with pilot in advance street interview discovery, one citizen is in by 2007 in declaring material, mention expressly: The husband does not have course of study, the wife is in the portion, salary September mixed 1440.82 yuan for 1290.03 yuan respectively in August 2007, the daughter reads high school. But via checking, its wife the net of those two months mixes 1781.68 yuan for 1378.23 yuan respectively, and marital under one's name still has to buy old S320 to run quickly car. Xu Jiahui of Xu Hui area is street have a family, the individual declares some month of income to be 1137.3 yuan, and be as high as 13197.2 yuan actually, tower above declares income 10 times much still.

As we have learned, will come on March 22 last year this year on April 24, bureau of civil administration of Lu bay area gives out cheap to hire Fang Shen to express 959 please in all, call in 903, 228 did not pass examine and verify finally. "There is one share inside this is a dweller do not understand file a requirement beforehand and bring about index to exceed bid, also have little newspaper of meaning of one part hereat or practise fraud, 10% what latter takes all applicant about. " Li Fanping of cadre of bureau of civil administration of Lu bay area says.
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