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Suffer an Olympic Games to stimulate the Olympic Games on Shanghai the short hir
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Suffer Olympic Games stimulation, the when the river rises the boat goes up too of hire of the short source that rent a house of Shanghai stadium periphery

The Olympic Games draws near increasingly, tourist of many other place swarms into Shanghai to watch a football match, building city takes advantage of a favorable situation near Shanghai stadium roll out Olympic Games weak point to rent a house, hire price than tower above of kind of one source of the room that rent 5 into above. As we have learned, the Olympic Games is Shen Cheng really the renting market July brought upsurge one round, although the short hire that rent a house is tall look forward to, still get however " the Olympic Games is confused " heat is held in both hands. Nevertheless, as a result of short the cost that hires landlord is quite high, because this was not caused short rent a house supply upsurge.

  The short hire that rent a house at least Gao Wucheng

According to treasure branch of former landed place introduces, one arbitrage emerald green garden appears on near future market the source of room of 2 chummage hire of 78 square metre, lunar hire from control 5000 yuan originally go up to 9000 yuan, lease is a month, carry supply technically to come to Shanghai to watch the audience weak point of Olympic Games football match to hire. This room is hired a guest not less to chase after hold in both hands, appear to clinch a deal immediately, the process that sees a room repeatedly even was saved.

What faith building Xu collects shop store to grew Gao Wei to also confirm the short market level that rent a house is hot. He introduces, at present the many high-grade villages near shop of 10 thousand body appeared the short source that rent a house, general tower above grows hire commonly the 50% above of the source that rent a house. If collect emerald green garden,hire of month of the short source that rent a house is as high as 2 rooms 9000-1 10 thousand yuan, and common hire of the senior source that rent a house only 6000 yuan / month, film China encloseds ground for growing trees hire of month of the short source that rent a house is as high as 60 square metre of 1 room 8000 yuan, and hire of month of average room source is in 5000-6000 or so yuan, home Xu collects old brand a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the village is Oriental Manhadu also appears similar short rent a house, hire of month of source of 2 rooms room is as high as 10 thousand - 12 thousand yuan between, and common hire of the long month that rent a house is controlled in 8000 yuan.

Olympic Games match already became building of periphery of house thing upper part of the body to rent the roll booster of the market, of many intent hire a guest to already was in 6, will entrust through the phone July fulfil short lease a building, so that watch the game. Regard the main forces that rent a house as the young white-collar of brunt, it is the backbone force of fan crowd at the same time, attract in Olympic Games match below in succession gather together, also drove the renting upsurge of area of circumjacent Long Hua, Xu Jiahui. With relatively suffer youth gay two rooms door for exemple, level of near future hire rises somewhat, stadium board piece the second bridal chamber around is 4500-7000 yuan / month, husband room is 3000 yuan / lunar left and right sides; Southern Long Hua board piece second bridal chamber is 3500-4500 yuan / month, husband room is 2000-2500 yuan / month; Upper Home Xu collects second bridal chamber to be 7500-9000 yuan / month, husband room is in 3000-4000 yuan / lunar left and right sides.
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