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Hire room strategy: How does room source seek in area of 6 big heat
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Although at present is not peak period of the market that rent, but the near future is rented clinch a deal the quantity exceeds transaction far however, hire annulus is compared rise 2% . When demand is rented to grow accordingly on the market, suit oneself room source to be searched not easily. For this, 21 centuries are praedial center of Shanghai region market rents near future whole town trade relatively active board piece, building dish undertake arranging, the hope is right broad hire a guest to be helped somewhat.

3 Lin Ban piece: Low end is rented in active

3 of Lin Ban piece in the low end supply and demand that rent is quite brisk. Wait for resettlement form a complete set because of world rich home kind rental room source is adequate, and hire is substantial, house of a few commodity also was not entered because of owner of short duration and hang out his shingle rental, hire is inferior, reason this board piece attracted a large number of in low income person head for rent a house. Demand client has the stuff that in Kang Qiao the industrial district goes to work, and the office worker in central the city zone.

Recommend a village --

Low end rents in: New center of standing grain of world rich home, gold, cumquat Xin Yuan and golden friendship riverside. Among them the source of the room that rent that world rich home, Jin He encloseds ground for growing trees newly is given priority to with semifinished product. Former the hire of 1 room month of 56 square metre is 1200 yuan of the left and right sides, 2 rooms the lunar hire of 86 square metre is controlled in 1500 yuan; The hire of 1 room month of 58 square metre is latter 1000 yuan, the hire of 3 rooms month of 100 square metre is 1500 yuan.

  Cao Yang Ban piece: Double track of mature a sector of an area is convenient

Cao Yang Ban piece the administrative center seat that is general Tuo area, form a complete set of facilities of of all kinds living is complete, orbit convenient tenement reachs 4 3 date, lines quickly each whole town corners, border again college, it is medium all the time the active region that end rents. College teachers and students and the white-collar that circumjacent business encircles are this board piece two main groups that rent.

Recommend a village --

The day will mix Cao Yang Huayuan, Cao Yang in May Cao Yang Xinyuan. These villages rent room source is common decorate commonly, deploy basic life home appliance. Among them, cao Yang Huayuan hire of 2 rooms month is in 70 square metre 2200 yuan, 2500 yuan between, the hire of 2 rooms month of 120 square metre is in Cao Yang Xinyuan 3000 yuan, 3400 yuan between.

Tian Lin board piece: Room source type is rich

Tian Lin board piece the living area that is a maturity, board piece inside after having the carry out with the relatively low rent such as Tian Lin new residential quarter already public house, also have maritime Hua Ting, Zhong Haixin garden such in source of the high-end room that rent. This board piece border Xu Jiahui is mixed south station group of two big trade, include development of short for the Jinghe River of water transport river, on division is old, teachers and students of white-collar, college and foreign nationality personage are board piece infuse of the market that rent driving demand.
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