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Hire room old practice: "The opposite sex closes hire absolutely and bad to play
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Think all the time, as long as each other is hands-off can ground of stand aloof from the worldly affairs and Wang Zheng close hire go down, it is me too innocent. Actually everything was not envisaged in so simple, happen so much " accident " later, my heart thoroughly cold, originally of when everything is all right close hire the life also subsequently helpless crumble.

Get together coming loose is lot, need not importune originally, but those who let me feel sad is, close momently hire the life to let me lose too much stuff however...

Bud is outer the thought that hires was last year the thing September, I what lived near one year in university campus also do not want to be squeezed in collective dormitory again. My desire is satisfied very easily actually, just need a corner to belong to his little space, retain individual character footloosely just. Want to go presumably, in outside school only the ability that rent a house achieves this one goal.

Can be on the weekend, the building intermediary with my general greatly small Lanzhou was gone around almost, if wish,fail finally because of a variety of reasons (actually reason nothing more than two: Favorite room rent is expensive, the house of hire petty gain is like person meaning) hard everywhere again. Just when I am disappointed during, look up inadvertently discovery is sticking a piece of advertisement on the telegraph pole before, writing above: "Double in relief village ' 2 house one ' housing, beg a female to add up to the person that hire especially, price actor, but the face is discussed. " although I am right this " 2 house one " have more indissoluble, but still ask purposely after all, common saying says, "Want to have the hope of 1% only, be about to make 100 percent effort! " what is more,the rather that " Shuang Yang village " so close from the school, and my condition compares be identical again, why to abandon at this point? Adopting tried mentality, the order of notify sb of a phone call that my general the other side takes was copied, return a dormitory, called the notify sb of a phone call on advertisement, who knows those who breathe out to answer is a man however.

Thinking of the other side is not a schoolgirl actually, I hesitated one time very at that time, but finally still is be enlightened: Be indifferent to, touched act of face good-bye machine, be no good really we am removed!

Come to conventional place, 20 come year old very " cruel " big boy goes head on toward me, laughing to ask: "Ha, are you Li Xiao? " after getting confirming, this each says the man student that calls Wang Zheng gets me office of a coffee, sit opposite my to begin to speak with fervor and assurance liberally.

Through his explanation, my this ability suddenly be enlightened, so " 2 house one " original meaning is " have 2 house, rental among them " . Hey, spoken parts in an opera, do not close namely hire! Circled bend a long time, it is so so return a responsibility.
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