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[Romantic love story] my roommate is unexpectedly virtuous advocate male
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"Good, give next you. I go approving operation. " wash a bowl this is vivid, I do my utmost to contend for fetch, actually most be fed up with wash a bowl, but other work is no good, do not want to do rice bug again, do it act against one's will. Had cleared away very neatly in the kitchen actually, the appearance that honest unlike firings every day, it is good that the bowl chopsticks that I should be in charge of using today using today only washs clean down, because if it were not for is fed up with if, it is very relaxed work actually. Was over very quickly, it is good to wash gargle come out, go toward the sitting room, discovery had placed dish of fruit that has cut on tea table, regressive a few paces look, he still is in in the room batch of exercise. 3 kinds of fruits? Zhen Xianhui. See dish at the same time, eat at the same time... " was opposite, you dropped the cloak of button that, I am found same had seamed went up, washed air to be in the balcony. " cough, happiness is too happy!

Ah, forget the introduction, I make grow happy, library employee, rent two rooms the house of one hall, housework is not good at, delicious lazy make model. He, that is having the person of Wen Runsheng sound, primary school teacher, the 7th day my closes hire a roommate. Certain doubt wears: Have pedagogic living quarter, how to still rent a house? Ever also had asked that day, he just laughs, I also was not found out, I am done not have so the Eight Diagrams at going the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention of others of get to the bottom of a matter. 7 days ago, knock broken head to also cannot think of to be able to have so of a virtuous roommate, still be what is more,the rather that male.

14 days ago, sent on the net let stick, think sth resembling a net of the person that can beg unravels formerly, the person that never want to answer is very few. The first day, the dove that be put; The following day, want into the bargain one person, bad; The 3rd day, sound ray is too tall, bad; Next a few days do not have sound. Cough, why, is my house not as poor as others? The 4th day. The 5th day. The 6th day. The 7th day, have an incoming message eventually, the circumstance that asks a house (listen to sound to feel a person very chilly, do not know good to get along ~ ah, concern seems this to be nodded early now) , say the word that does not mind comes over to look afternoon, the 4th when two week come sees lodger, agreed of course, phone if pound garlic,I this nod. What come afternoon is grow the man that gets very lukewarm language, in the process that sees a room, very polite, "Please " , " thank " , " I am sorry " , " feel embarrassed " ceaseless, still all the time the face brings a smile, the appearance of a pair of one who tries not to offend anyone. After about the same quarter, he says, if I do not mind, he wants to be hired, return specially to emphasize: "Do you mind? " the doubt that estimation sees me, his explanation says, when because he makes clear,see a room, I have was stupefied. So such, it is I did not think of the other side can be the male actually, although have in the phone,had listened but did not think at that time toward sexual distinction. He is very sensitive person actually, let his occupy come... " oh, do not mind. " " good, let landlord belt produce card and Id to sign a contract afresh. " " ah? Without the contract. Landlord is a friend. " " the contract still wants, bother him to run. " ... that day in the evening, he moved in, began to close so hire. There are a tiny bit of Zhui Zhui in the heart like that, that smile... incorrect interest...
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