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Hire room old practice: peptide the Kingdom of Wei of the fierce sauce that embr
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In the city that is in Shanghai together, because here has stage, the dream of all corners of the land gathers together eagerly;

Below the eave that is in Shanghai together, because here has home, the life of far apart is mutual and shirt-sleeve;

On the pulse that is in Shanghai together, because here has lot, love friendship or close affection are handed in deducing Shanghai beach wonderful and rich " cohabitational story " .

This summer, when hiring room climax to come again, punctuation letting rat is attacked, focusing arrives these joy, hardships, excited, distressed maritime " live together " crowd...

They are not husband and wife, but they fall in an eave together. In recent years, shanghai and a lot of metropolitan same, appeared to the men and women lives together and be not had sadly " quality " phenomenon.

Nuncupative person: Thank a young lady, female 25 years old, company employee

Ask for on the net come " live together " male roommate

The roommate is a schoolboy, it is I am asked for from the net designedly come. Big summer and a man live together, be not me this wishing, it is life place forces completely. The apartment that I rent is collected in Home Xu, two rooms one hall, 2600 yuan a month. Hire if by me one person is assumed, economic burden is too heavy. Then I sent a card on the net, ask for a roommate, the men and women is not restricted. Stick child one hair goes out, the person that be recruited comes to before is very much, but I chose Tim finally, one is the same as with me age schoolboy. Choose his ground, because he is lone. It is actually before Tim, I ever had had two roommates early or late, it is the girl. Girl heart is little, often some are small grind, and fuse no more than is for who clean a sitting room, who is cleaned who is closet, multi-purpose gas, who multi-purpose the life bagatelle such as water. And make a person uncomfortable most, it is they often take a boy friend to come back pass the night. Summer, I am worn very simply in the home, a big T-shirt is covered above, below wears one small briefs, they do not greet sb to take to come in maly suddenly, make me very awkward. And, watch TV in the sitting room together sometimes, their Qing Qing before me me, make me particularly uneasy.

When looking for a roommate this, I choose single public figure only. Very regretful, the girl all that be recruited comes to before " renown flower has advocate " , good came not easily one lone, it is a schoolboy however. I do not miss follow the same old disastrous road, selected this man student simply, he is Tim.

"Live together " half an year, he should become my male friend

Choose Tim, actually I am some apprehension. Because, this is not my first time and man " live together " . The person that the first my male lives together is my colleague. I just have a job at that time, company nearby hired a few apartment to live to the undergraduate of strong finish school. Because of the home in occupied, when I report for duty to the unit, already was the last, discover the girl lives apartment without exception is completely, the apartment that the boy lives still has an empty house. I do not want to lease a building outside, did cohabitational roommate with another schoolboy. "Live together " 9 months, everyday a very short time gets along, also harmonious. I cook in the home via regular meeting, invite a roommate to eat together next; The other side assumed a sitting room actively sweep the job, eat a meal to still grabbing a side every time I wash a bowl. My one-sided thinks, such adding up to hire the life be in harmony of its Le Rong, everybody is in an unit, hnow through and through, hire apprehension of object it doesn't matter to closing, need not worry about the safe problem of person belongings, also can take care of each other. My fond dream woke very quickly. A day, the roommate says to me suddenly, want to become my boy friend. I do not have any thought preparation, never also think a such men can become male friend. The following day, I moved, before long I sought an opportunity again " find new job " left the company previously.
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