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Buy a room to look geomantic 11 indispensable principles
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No matter be to settle down returning is set up shop,make money, buying a building to buy a house always is indispensable one condition. Before be being bought so but must the ground that 11 principles see him plan investment under the basis is geomantic how, otherwise in case bought a haunted house, regretted to have not enough time.

One, sit to should become flourishing

Yang Zhaifeng water depends on sitting to whether should carry, establish Xiang Dewang to enrage an auspicious, decline gas is fierce, so ancient books says: To head handle of one star disaster. Yang Zhaifeng water sits mediumly to either it is with the gate of one flatlet to, give priority to with the entrance of a building however.

Judge a building to whether should carry, want to be calculated with the dark empty magic art of 3 yuan of 9 stars, be like below two kinds of methods:

Receive hill to stop water (0 gods and saying magically) . For example the 8th carry (2004-2023 year) 0 gods just are northeastern, the god just is southwest square, have water like northeastward so (or driveway) be flourishing money curtilage, if there just is water in southwest,be suffer unexpected personal financial losses curtilage.

Flourishing hill flourishing to (law of Xuan Kongfei star) . For example flourishing of hill of flourishing of the 8th carry to it is to sit southwest square Xiang Maodong's northward Lou Yu.

2, the gate wants detailed rules

In Yang Zhaifeng water, the gate is crucial. In << this world curtilage 3 want >> lieutenant general " the door " , " advocate " , "Kitchen " call 3 should. The door is by road. " 8 curtilage bright mirror " in say: "In relief curtilage head great door, it is gas mouth with the gate, accept enrages flourishing criterion auspicious, decline gas is fierce " . The cloud: "It is good or ill luck with the door curtilage, the road is aid, the door to differentiate " .

The method of the choice of the gate is as follows:

1, the door is suitable: Divinatory symbols is individual life divinatory symbols, often say namely east 4 lives and on the west 4 lives. According to this method, the gate wants as suitable as life divinatory symbols, open the door want to be in angry Fang Heyan year just enrage in order to receive flourishing.

2, the star arrives the door: This method is to apply dark empty geomantic magic art to come calculative. Arrive when ascendant namely the door, can receive hill to change evil spirit, will surely Ding Cai two flourishing. Money star (water) see true water to the door advocate get rich, ding Xing arrives sit hill sees true hill advocate Ding Wang.

3, 0 divinatory symbols is angry: This also is dark empty geomantic magic art. Gate to place can receive 0 gods divinatory symbols to enrage to water or Xiang Ma road no matter, reach true hill to close on the spot divine divinatory symbols is angry.
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