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The baby of a few big characteristic that wants to do wealthy person to cannot b
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1, aquarium

"Hill advocate expensive, water advocate money " , aquarium has the very powerful effect that rush money. But everything has two sides sex, water also is Shuang Renjian, be like those who use is undeserved, not only cannot flourishing money, and caustic of meeting caustic money is fourth. Because this is put,aquarium must ask position of bright division measurement.

2, mammon

Mammon of mammon cent fierce (close fair) with article mammon. What mammon respects is proper, what can get family or company money carry to enjoy a; to respect is undeserved, can mammon turn into medicinal powder the god of money? ? ; of damaged of bad news money especially fierce mammon closes fair, if Jing Zhi is undeserved, not only cannot bring money luck, close that fair bolo to still meet a person. General principle is, fierce mammon should face a doorway, article mammon avoid faces the door.

3, carry money boy

Just as its name implies is the content of carry money, if whole house all is maiden man more effective. Married personage chooses this content avoid. This content is put in the bathroom most effective, because water is money also. Will put in Yi Ke of the head of a bed, but the lady avoids with. This musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass can put a year only, the supernatural power after time passes disappears, be sure to keep in mind.

4, crystal

Crystal cent is natural crystal and man-made crystal, among them the action of natural crystal stronger, effect is much better. Be like conditional, use natural crystal as far as possible. Crystal should be put at disease commonly of evil spirit star, one person can turn ill disappear disaster, 2 will can change disease to be money.

5, gold dollar treasure

Give priority to in order to lay money flourishing money, much with be opposite and be being used, usage has 2: One, will put in whole house to gold dollar treasure the largest window go up or windowsill, or so horn puts each, the purpose comes in to induct the money outside the window, the window jumps over big money vital energy to jump over flourishing. 2, the corner that is put in the gate to enter house bevel, wind of here place Tibet gets together gas, also be money, those who put treasure of on one pair of gold dollar to enter treasure in order to strengthen action money is angry.

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