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Buy secondhand the geomantic contraindication that the room nots allow to ignore
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Accelerate as what the city builds nowadays, the building trades the volume also rises quickly, among them secondhand of the room trade proportion is larger and larger also. Buying secondhand choice of Fang Shiru fruit is inadvertent, can bring an influence to family and individual career, after be being bought, if star-crossed selling go out, it is deficient it is to earn do not say, the effect that causes to resident is cannot estimated. Secondhand to buying room, everybody may consider economy and economic value only, and take no account of geomantic room carry to decline flourishing, right the person that buy a house, it is one big hidden trouble really. The carry with what kind of travel buys what kind of house, live the carry with what kind of room what kind of travel. Buy secondhand room person, can refer from the following respect:

1. Understand this room why to sell

Old advocate whether did the home ever have the adverse circumstance such as accidental injuries and deaths to happen, after buying a house the circumstance such as career, family, luck, understanding offers an account crucial.

2. Pattern of understanding door design

Because of door model design pattern is unreasonable secondhand room, ought to careful all the more. Situation is bad, if open the door pair of balconies, if backstairs is opposite,door of window, bathroom is opposite the window do not get together the pattern of money, if carry in the room when flourishing, many when enter much also, movement of consistent day room declines, can enter go out less much and decline. Consider the position of kitchen, toilet even, if the position is undeserved, healthy to family meeting has immediate effect.

3. Understand surroundingsBuy secondhand when the room, want the brought issue such as surroundings of relation of mature circumjacent environment, neighborhood. Geomantic point is person of heaven and earth and humorous coexist, because secondhand the village environment of the room is compared at least new bought chaos, accordingly, environmental element, the life quality stand or fall after after be opposite, be being entered has immediate concern.

4. Understanding room carry declines flourishing

This also is the most important segment, also be the key that the lot after you are entered has turned still is addle, what sell now is secondhand house great majority is 7 carry (1984 -- 2003) the house that has built, begin from 2004 in order to enter 8 motion (2004-2023 year) Fang Yuncai carry is when old owner is bought the room when flourishing, but its sell when going out, already turned however decline. Buy a room to carry with what decline secondhand room, luck cans be imagined. But also have 7 luck common, work for the room, to 8 carry of ability flourishing secondhand room. Sell so secondhand room, carry seeing a room declines flourishing cannot treat sth lightly.

It is each hill to count to ground carry below:
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