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The friends that buy residential building purchase house proposal 16 times of ag
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One. Wanting to buy to ave alley, viatic. (Rushing for the arrow, advocate the) that injure a person.

2. Just have tall building high nearby do not buy. (Hold back in relief gas, yin Shengyang declines) .

3. Draw near of hall of temple, ashes of the dead, graveyard field, fane, barrow do not buy. (Shade is angry too fill)

4. "U " word building is not bought. (If form of U word building dies word, often give human life case)

5. The building that two things move toward is transverse join and be absent even contact again same go up point-blank, unit of its photograph bad part is not bought.

6. "Mouth " the building of the glyph is not bought. (The person is in the well, cannot grow stout is sent expensive)

7. "T" word building does not want to buy. (Cannot hide wind to get together gas, advocate poor)

8. "Labour " the building of the glyph is not bought. (This kind of building gives riches and honor hard, advocate deficient)

9. The clearing before the building is narrow the person that narrow is like a line is not bought. (Shape is like a gleam of, fortune not introduction)

10. The sitting room is narrow of narrow do not buy. (Sitting room narrow narrow does not get together money)

11. Population does not buy too big house less. (Room adult makes less capture a person curtilage, also cry " empty " , long house ominous)

12. The room does not buy sheet double. " curtilage book " the cloud: "3 auspicious, 4 little, 5 have an air " ) 13. Those who lack southwest corner, northwest character do not buy. (Bad to domestic person)

14. Have a son and building a toilet eastward do not buy. (The health of body and mind that meets influence son and future)

15. Northwest horn makes room of toilet, kitchen do not buy. (Advocate fierce)

16. House-owner belongs to hare do not buy east door. (East door Menchaoxi, rush with hare)

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