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Tan Cheng is shallow talk about building and geomantic relation
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Bright careless boat lends Zhuge the arrow, he has profit from night watchs astronomical phenomena, prescient the capacity that side of the river inside 3 days has big fog, ability of his a person of foresight, base of as geographical as his rich astronomy knowledge and attentive observation are not divided, at that time, kong Mingxian is unripe besides it is a good counsellor outside, also be an outstanding geomantic Great Master. 6 years old draw up: "From from go up formerly careless, a year old of one withered flourish, wild baked wheaten cake is endless, spring breeze is blown be born again. " the poetic Bai Juyi of beautiful line, also be an outstanding garden home at the same time, he a pair of nature, landscape, flowers and plants and beautiful understanding be in harmony collect be well versed in, build give an a winding path leading to a secluded spot, elegant and chic China gardens, your tourist relaxed and happy, stay to forget to return repeatedly, he also is the geomantic Great Master of a garden at the same time.

In fact, geomantic learning is an old environmental science, it originates archaic people moves the understanding that reachs replace of earthly the four seasons to celestial body, basically use at guidance farming agrarian exercise and choose ground build house, as the elapse of time, its branch becomes complex, knead with the folk-custom of each district close together, some return mix into to enter superstitious component, its consequence also enters each fields, if choose ground builds house, marriage,marry, piece travel, be in business, official career, birth. This second I want to be discussed with everybody, namely geomantic the application that learns to go up in the building, this also is old geomantic learn in the coruscate in modern society its weigh essentials region of immortal vitality, be in at present harbor, stage, bay, wait for southeast Asia area newly, have the book of more this respect, what have profound attainment with one part is advanced from personnel of course of study, the owner choose ground with main great help, build a building dish, directive small or petty proprietor settles down buy course of study, adornment and new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion. Can know from inside the following length, geomantic division basically considers content to also depend on landform landforms, circumjacent environment, pollution affecting the situation such as circumstance, monsoon, daylighting, geological stability, its purpose also is to let habitant can get the support of nature and enjoy nature.

Perhaps someone should say, is this the duty of architect? Yes, architect also can be geomantic division, perhaps call geomantic architect, but the intellectual domain of geomantic division is far wider than architect, the height that sees a problem is tall, although of his certain respect professional be inferior to architect. Everybody should know, zhu Yuanzhang of emperor of Ming Dynasty found a state asks to be in geomantic treasure ground to regard emperor as the city, left Qing Long of geomantic division basis, right Bai Hu, go up rosefinch, lay Xuan Wu's principle, come in the arms since Zhu Yuanzhang of main activity Anhui rises on the west, be continuous to Zhejiang east the China earth of hundreds of kilometers, city of Nanjing of pitch on nowadays this draws near the treasure ground that hill depends on water, get Zhu Yuanzhang's appreciation greatly, in the process of fortification, pursued this one principle basically also. (Zun Qinglong points to now to the south of road of coil of Nanjing city dragon, Zhijinshan arteries and veins is taken; Right Bai Hu points to show way of crouch of Nanjing city tiger with the river coming on the west take on the west; Rosefinch points to on show bridge of rosefinch of shrine of Nanjing city master with south one belt; Xuan Wu shows the city north that shows Nanjing city is black below hill of government office of Wu Hu and small red hill, act is taken, the limits of afore-mentioned old city walls, the old the city zone that still is Nanjing up to now) . So far the thing of geomantic division can calculate finished, as to one city the design of one palace is built, that basically is the duty limits of architect, the consideration level of visible architect is lower than geomantic division, but the circumstance that this does not eliminate an outstanding geomantic division is an outstanding architect at the same time. Say two more with respect to Nanjing: Mao Zedong also call Nanjing city the ground of coil of tiger crouch dragon, dragon leaves not boiled water, nanjing cannot leave the Yangtse River, see Nanjing or have clever energy of life very much. Mr Sun Zhongshan takes great river north and south, come to Nanjing, be attracted by institute of its spirit gas, not only temporarily presidential government office is set in Nanjing, after he dies also bury thes foot of a hill or mountain south Yu Zijin hill.
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