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What old Beijing purchases house property is geomantic abstain from (graph)
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If say: "Money does not live southeast room, winter is not warm come summer is not cool " outside the condition that is housing of choice of old Peking Man, still have so more let old Peking Man cannot be accepted in housing respect, that is number and the position and some kind of special thing the effect that in Beijing living respect has.

The courtyard that Peking Man stays in living person calls this world curtilage, the implied meaning represents vigor and vitality. Canal already the person of dies deposits a place -- cemetery, call shade curtilage. Shade is planted commonly curtilage have pine, cypress, the idea perpetuation of indicative the dead. In addition, kind go up the effect that Song Baishu still has graveyard grave of water and soil conservation, protection. Of course, what people finds him dear one to facilitate is sepulchral and plant by its on arboreous, wait for grown, several lis besides the place that can see oneself want hold a memorial ceremony for to sweep.

With cemetery shade curtilage contrary, old Peking Man never plants Song Baishu into siheyun, same, even if the mulberry with the most delicious knot, its tree also won't be favorred masterly, as to the pear of heart of clear opening bright, its tree also is met of refus at dooryard, backyard. Why, it is probably " mulberry " with " funeral " , "Pear " with " from " homophonic stopped. Peking Man has a common saying: "Pagoda tree of Sang Songbai pear, do not enter government office Wang Zhai " , it is this truth.

Accordingly, jujube of a variety of midget crabapple in the house of Beijing, pomegranate that face Tong, Chun Tao, true it may be said: Spring can admire the beauty of flowers, xianeng enjoys the cool, autumn fruit of have a taste of what is just in season, with " Chun Huaqiu is solid " will generalize Beijing civilian curtilage medium tree is the most appropriate did not pass.

Peking Man still abstains from the area in the courtyard is smaller than the ground of alley, ave, the reason is to enter the door to have to jump toad hole, and piece > from low to tall, if be like mountain-climbing, apparently ominous. In addition, in amount word, odd number is ominous, average person cannot be accepted. Buy a case to want to buy a pair, buy a chair to want to buy two, cap canister should buy one reciprocity to wait. But also have those who want singular number, that is boreal room wants singular number, or 3, or 5, if 4 place also wants to build 3 big, every edge builds half again, good name its say: "4 broken 5 " . As to thing wing-room, also be with 3 more accurate, the purpose is to be in in the courtyard in building combination the axes in producing, if this line is like the back on person, it is compound in the most important and geomantic fountainhead. because of such, even numbers builds an aspect in Beijing residence is not very popular, so, beijing appeared so a common saying, "46 worthless " .
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