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Money carry is geomantic put with the bedroom relevant (graph)
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Southwest bedroom -- the male is the father with good nature

The bedroom that has a lot of people it seems that is in this azimuth.

The male can do the business very well normally, so very the attention that gets a company, and, there is very high opinion between boss and affiliated to a ministry.

The specialty of this azimuth is " have patience, won't get angry in disorder " .

Southeast bedroom -- have good human concern

This kind of azimuth has the quantity of heat of heaven and earth that can make life plain sailing.

The bedroom is in the person of this azimuth, work successful, and very fast but preferment, having the happy life of envy making a person. In the meantime, can get the help of friend or kin adequately.

Observation comparatives acumen, have the courage that is brave in to challenge.

Because everything is too successful, can let a person suspect you successful possibility. Accordingly, getting along well with the person all round is very important. Do anything to be inferior to the person of meaning, might as well the azimuth that moves the bedroom to southeast, can have the result that expect making a person is less than probably. Be engaged in dress line of business, design, broadcasting station or TV making for the most part, the person of food industry, meal course of study, bedroom most is in this azimuth. No matter make which kind of trades, always by lucky enveloping. So, want the word of effort only, can succeed certainly.

Northeast bedroom -- like to patronize another person

In the male that this azimuth rests, be full of chivalrous heart for the most part, but, of life rise and fall very big however. With office worker for, may often relegation. As to the person that pursues self-supporting trade, have one probably, 2, even 3 unsuccessful experience. Because oneself are paid no attention to, also need not worry so.

Northeast is the darkest azimuth before dawn, what occasionally hard to avoid can feel life is astringent. The bedroom is in the person of this azimuth, like to patronize another person. So, the male often is decieved.

In people look, it is the world the biggest good person, and, oneself also feel proud with this bit. Altogether, abdomen quantity is specialty greatly. On the other hand, because exceeding and enthusiastic often extend aid to other so. Northeast is cold, can arouse the passion with potential male.

For haply, in the person that this azimuth rests, it is likely " have courage and uprightness very much " person, suit to be engaged in building concerned industry with building quite.

Of should special attention is, avoid tousle disposition, lest be in an unfavorable situation or be harmed.

Northwest bedroom -- male bigotry has ability however

The male can have authoritarian nature, and quite stubborn.
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