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Mascot decoration and flourishing money (graph)
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Confucius says: " gentleman loves money, those who take have "

How to increase money to carry from ancient up to now, people lives to pursue the life then by pursuit, reason almost everybody Dou Aicai, never disrelish gold much. Everybody knows, qian Fang can improve life quality, fund much it may not be a bad idea handles affairs. Alleged " money can make ghost is pushed grind " . Xi Yan says: " Money Talks (money can talk) " , chinese and Western the adage of some different in approach but equally satisfactory in result.

Although say thing of rich easy to handle, but money did not do certainly meddlesome. Money itself is innocent, guilty is to use undeserved person. So Confucius says: " gentleman loves money, those who take have " . The person wants " love money " , just have motivation, hope. Ability can make money actively. But next, " take have " more important. The method that all sorts of making money, multifarious, omnibus for, take have, gotten heart is installed.

Ju Jiafeng water is decorated, also hope to be able to increase money use, and have " money " say, in fact, the money amount of a person is with blessing the newspaper becomes direct ratio. The person nature that has good fortune can apply wind aquatic a few little skill. Will increase money use, promote the quality of the life. With acquired and factitious effort, geomantic adjustment, should ameliorable or increase use of a few money. About the Yang Zhaifeng that affects money use water line narrates at falling:

The ancients cloud: " bright hall darkroom " , the sitting room wants bright, capacious idea. Because the sitting room is the token of a master temperament, identity, see popularity and noble movement, sitting room need is some more largish ability pay morale urges flourishing, if the sitting room is too little, criterion noble carry is poor, take money little. Career carry is extended not easily. But the sitting room is unfavorable also too big, hollowness. The sitting room is too big gas comes loose, gas is rare. The sitting room is too little save energy of life not easily, get together gas. Ideal measurement should be controlled in 10 level ground. Besides size, sitting room appropriate is bright, in relief energy of life is full, mammon just can be entered. Best sunshine can enter a sitting room. Sunshine has the result encourage this world with dark drive to get angry flourishing curtilage. Let a person opportunity of survival, vigorous effort goes making money. The decoration of the sitting room also shoulds not be too mixed and disorderly, stress begs elegance, use a line fluent. Advocate sofa should rely on a wall to put, sit in advocate the entrance door can see on sofa outside the entrance and balcony. So square can the palm accuses overall situation, enhance self-confident heart, money nature comes.

Curtilage Qian Mingtang is open, eye shot is wide, natural breadth of mind is wide, ambition is old, just also can postpone great plan greatly. If reside slum, narrow alley, curtilage before have maximum pressure of content of gigantic a lunar month of 30 days, or curtilage before have retaining wall, high mountain, building, field of gas of same meeting block up, also have slave bully advocate, Bin Sheng advocate elephant, make Lilliputian and dew money easily, profitable hardship. Accordingly, choose house should consider curtilage before broad.
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