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How is the chimney other abode dissolved
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See factory of a few support industry extends the chimney that come before residential window, knowing is psychological influence or the effect that suffer this kind of evil spirit air really, after be moved into this house, healthy ebb with each passing day, and medical treatment cost also raises many.

Will consider from geomantic angle, this is belonged to make strong evil spirit, offer, some dissolve a method:

One, a convex lens is hanged in window door position;

2, in convex lens rear place or stick ancient money of on 5 emperor, that is the ancient money of 5 clear generation. It is respectively " suitable treat " , " Kang Xi " , " Yong Zheng " , " Qianlong " , " Jia Qing " .

Convex lens has the effect of discharge evil spirit, and 5 emperor money can heighten the effect of convex lens, because 5 emperor money gets day, person, ground 3 gas (be about to be clear about the material that concerns 5 emperor money, can consult muck " flourishing is changed curtilage evil spirit 22 laws " one book) , reason has this ability. In the future if everybody encounters this kind of situation if really, yi Ke is dissolved lawfully.

And 5 emperor money should use true Gu Qiancai effective, the ancient money that be modelled on does not have effectiveness.

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