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Increase wealth geomantic layout uncovers secret greatly (graph)
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Ju Jiafeng water is decorated, also hope to be able to increase money use, and have " money " say, in fact, the money amount of a person is with blessing the newspaper becomes direct ratio. The person nature that has good fortune can apply wind aquatic a few little skill. Will increase money use, promote the quality of the life. With acquired and factitious effort, geomantic adjustment, should ameliorable or increase use of a few money.

About the Yang Zhaifeng that affects money use water line narrates at falling: Geomantic learned money have " symbolistic money " with " materiality money erects " , symbolistic money it is to belong to " bright money " , namely the left of the introduction that general public place says or the position with diagonal right. This position had better not be footpath access, and can form a corner to get together the elephant of money, put a few mascot in this position next, have the opportunity that raises fund. Proper adornment is furnished, also can increase the gas field of the sitting room.

Money the thing that mascot can put, if vase, rare curiosa, mammon, a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, Aquarius, 3 sheep open safe graph, landscape graph, Lu Qun is inward (into salary) , flexibly, toad, leopard, kylin a pair of inward, crystal, cornucopia, 100 words bright cuss, pineapple, grapefruit, , this life 3 add up to an any of the twelve animals Tao Yi is tasted, white sandalwood, crystal blast, blessing salary Shou Sanxian, land is public etc. Can place buy according to each one be fond of. Purpose nothing more than the suggestion that thinks Jie aids mascot, will increase Fu Ze.

Have bright money, yang Zhaifeng water also has dark money, dark money the money that is materiality. Its seek a way is an all along decision that should depend on a house. According to 8 curtilage star of violet Bai Fei, taking unripe flourishing just is namely. If pit curtilage (sit boreal Xiang Na) , money in southwest square, northward. From curtilage (sit south northerly) , money northeastward and southern. Shake curtilage (sit Dong Xiangxi) , money be in Oriental, northward. Add curtilage (sit on the west eastwards) , money be in southern, northwest is square, southeastern. Xun curtilage (sit southeast northwest) , money in southwest square, southeastern. Dry curtilage (sit southeast northwest face) , money be in the west, northwest square, northward. Female curtilage (sit southwest face is northeast) , money be in Oriental, southwest square. Straightforward curtilage (sit northeast face is southwest) , money in northwest square, northeastern. If gate as it happens is in dark money, criterion source of revenue is more. Yi Ke is in money put acoustics, piano, ring the star that use money, raise fund.

Be in commonly money, unfavorable put ocean wave figure, indicative money carry rises and fall too big. Cataract graph, indicative also money comes money goes, drop is too big. The water that landscape pursues is flowed to curtilage outside, it is to be downstream bureau ill-fated. Pointed leaf plant and aculeate establish are grown or water bureau is ill-fated. Pointed leaf plant and aculeate establish are grown or crystal hole, hardships of all indicative twist that take money.  
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