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Australia is geomantic be current
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Market of real estate of anteroom of a list of things of Australian big city is very thriving, of because of this benefit besides land agent person, still have a kind of China's old culture tradition: Geomantic. When more and more Australia people are buying a house, begin to recruit geomantic gentleman.

A cloth of quite famous estate business dimension is in Melbourne prate of he and Chinese tradition geomantic learned relation. He says to rebuild in him when the office, except asked a building besides stylist, special still come round to help personally to geomantic division please square the energy of the office is moved toward " gas " . Right all the time Oriental tradition is geomantic learn to believe unceasingly dimension cloth gentleman says, since the office geomantic after was being straightened, the annual interest embellish of their company broke up one time. Like him such Australian person looks eve increases gradually. Connect Australia one of a few big banks bank of Australian New Zealand, more and more well-known big companies such as the astral town gambling house of Sydney and company of estate of LJ Hooker Er keep watch in succession water looks very important. Be in Sydney at present the high level of downtown build is luxurious apartment - the architect of world large building also all belts in this building number " 4 " room number was dropped to purify. The person with geomantic understanding knows certainly " 4 " because mix dead homophonic, because this is a not lucky number. Sydney estate develops Shang Abai to say especially to many Australian people, geomantic had been a new idea no longer.

Albert says Australian mainstream society looks accepted geomantic concept gradually. Person of a few Australia nots hesitate to make his house property sells a good price expenditure is as high as 50 thousand bay yuan, not be number of card changing the door, try to transform to geomantic and bad interior design namely. The position that says to change a door window for example, add high percentage relief to wait a moment. Albert says geomantic contain a lot of constant reason actually. Many Australian people think this is planted by local Chinese praise highly geomantic the thoroughly tempered that learned a concept to had been experienced thousands of years, effect scarcely is wrong. Current, in Australia publish on many woman magazines about geomantic interlocution column, geomantic lecture class is without number more.

Undoubted, geomantic in Australia gain ground flourishing arrive with immigrant the Chinese here is not divided. In a few when Sydney and Melbourne Chinese gather living areas, land agent has known geomantic value very. The client of 70 % of Albert is Asian, he has experience greatly. He says, geomantic good house property skill is gotten quickly breathtaking, and those are thought the estate of geomantic difference sells a good price very hard also. A few area that collect in Chinese of Melbourne the eastpart part are engaged in estate be as long as 30 old dimension cloth say a lot of Chinese buy a house general metropolis lets geomantic division look over.
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