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Design of ancient capital Beijing learns a principle easily with what build
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Beijing, it is the distant on our country history, gold, yuan, bright, clear dynasty ancient capital, he is the culture ancient wall with a long history, also be world-famous historical culture famous city, the capital that takes the place of 938 years as distant from the Christian era rises, all previous with distant, gold, yuan, bright, clear each dynasty, already had histories of 1000 old found a capital up to now. On the long history that serves as capital, the monarch of each dynasty reachs his to seek official dominate to safeguard a monarch, make imperial country always originallies, the country carries long, undertook plan meticulously and be designinged to ancient capital Beijing, built a series of city structures that have indicative sense, strive passes perfect capital to build, achieve " from Tian Youzhi, benefit of auspicious all without exception " purpose. Special in bright Qing Dynasty two generation, the urban construction of ancient capital Beijing is more perfect, more august, also have mysterious color more at the same time, make ancient capital Beijing has forceful capital characteristic. Nowadays, those dynasty on the history had gone, but kept building of numerous historical cultural relic and place of historic interest to later generations however, the capital that studies the ancients for later generations plans to devise an idea, provided objective basis.

So, is ancient capital Beijing what to what principle plans and what principle plans and design press? What do those design pattern have symbolic significance, what is its implication, what are its action and utility? Author course undertakes to ancient capital Beijing old make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot and study, discovering ancient capital Beijing is according to Chinese ancient time highest and traditional culture -- " Zhouyi " the principle undertakes plan and be designinged, it is to press " day person syncretic " cosmic idea builds, the each place of ancient capital Beijing is built oldly, dou Yunhan is worn " Zhouyi " immortal brightness of Gu Zhe.

" Zhouyi " the one big strange book that is ancient period of Chinese history before last, its implied meaning is broad and profound, it is the origin of thousands of years of traditional culture of Chinese, it is the historical culture ancient codes and records that the philosophical composing of top level mixes China and even world's accepted ancient time to have authority most. " Zhouyi " be by address sb respectfully on Chinese history " first of numerous classics, the source of the highway " , to the Chinese nation culture of a few chiliad and civilization produced major effect. Only along " Zhouyi " this sequence of thought goes studying China tradition culture and culture, ability finds real solution.

Altar of Beijing of one ancient capital, the Temple of Heaven, ground, day world, month world is press " Zhouyi " principle of congenital the Eight Diagrams is designed and build
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