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The building ─ ─ that the mankind and nature create jointly is geomantic fores
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Of all ages, depict mixes poets eulogize the environment of nature is beautiful, cannot leave wood of green hill green water, flowers. Be like " greenery village edge closes, green hill Guo Wai is inclined " (Meng Hao like that) , "Green bamboo enters quiet means, garment of travel of blueness collect stroke " (Li Bai) , "Willow comes loose zephyr, my Lv of green hill Dan " (Wei Ying content) , "Green hill is faint water is far away " (Du Mu) , etc. Somebody repairs Wang Anshi, Bai Juyi, Liu You, Ouyang couplet of 4 Tang Song's old writers' respective a poem is together, comprised beautiful " green " poem: "Spring breeze bank of green Changjiang Delta, bank of the Bai Sha in green Yang Yin, the Chun Bo below sad bridge is green, long outskirt careless color is green without limit. Long outskirt careless color is green without limit..

Come greatly an a city, bourg, small abandon to a room, a graveyard, judge its geomantic stand or fall, not be an isolated local problem, and should from go making an on-the-spot investigation inside bigger range. Country beauty is picturesque, everywhere green green, it is geomantic undoubtedly one good kind is reflected. Build a room to build house to want to stress environmental beauty, build grave to build a grave to also want to stress environmental beauty. The environment is bad, want to begin to design and be created. From the point of the angle of scientific beauty, notice " hill Qing Shuibi, greenery is shady " , calculate really going up is very geomantic. Afforestation can prevent soil erosion not only, hold back air cooling to invade, and still can bring comfortable mental state to the person, the word that uses esthetician says, greenery " can arouse people to be opposite natural associate readily. " so, afforestation is human obligation and responsibility, set out from geomantic angle, the forest that according to some kind need builds is called " geomantic forest " , as a result of geomantic learn to advocate " day person syncretic " environmental view, so this is planted " geomantic forest " actual it is a kind of when the mankind and nature create jointly special building.

One, 3 common kinds geomantic forest

Geomantic forest distributing by its characteristic, can divide to block wind forest, dragon forest, underlay Lin San is planted. These 3 kinds geomantic forest, actual it is good geomantic the biggest principle " annulus water holds hill in the arms to have energy of life surely " a kind specific reflect: Blocking the action since wind forest place is or so arenaceous annulus, dragon forest the effect that has is the back has backer, the action since underlay forest place is before have make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain (case hill) .

1, block wind forest

Block wind forest to make block again evil spirit forest, the mystery of nature expresses surface of square now field, of ancient person for " evil spirit gas " the thing is among them one of. Allegedly, this kind " evil spirit gas " will do not have footprint without the shadow, impossible to defend effectively, it can be in imperceptible in send a person at the deathtrap, only geomantic gentleman has method to identify it, subdue it. Certain now person explains it with modern science, "Alleged ' evil spirit gas ' , the north wind that is chill mostly includes northwest wind and northeaster, because it is freezing, make easily go to the bad of person catch cold catch cold, or make an illness aggravating; But, one is plant black its are black ' evil spirit gas ' , not be very cold air current, just go up as a result of a place with a draught at it, blast tuyere is the place with air current very sensitive change, cold hot change is very sharp, when wind-force strong when weak, wind is placing rain, to graveyard, wall what cannot look down upon erode power, erode force. " before theory will " evil spirit gas " be equal with cold wind inspect, talk after will " evil spirit gas " with cyclone confuse sth with sth else, did not hit the mark. If must will " evil spirit gas " with modern science the concept is contacted together, so we are OK and mechanical ground general " evil spirit gas " regard a kind as harmful to human body " lines of force (magnetic field) " , " ray (ion or particle flow) " etc. Because tree has to these material,be held back or abate action, so the forest has block evil spirit action.
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