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Of pet cat cat raise geomantic
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The cat is some closer year come a kind of very popular pet, the person of very much estate having spare time is raised in the home had a cat, but not all family suits to raise a cat: The cat that some residences feed falls ill very easily, no matter the cat is original how strong, want to be raised inside these residences only, very fast emaciated rise; But some residences however no matter feed what cat, they are very healthy. This problem can be in only geomantic learn to go up seek the solution.

The cat is belonged to in 12 n " the third of the twelve Earthly Branches " word, be the same as because of cat and tiger of the division, so desirable the position that closes with tiger photograph will calculate appropriate decoration cat azimuth. The position that with the tiger in 12 n photograph having feeling closes has " midday " just reach " Qu " square, still have next " the last of the twelve Earthly Branches " square.

"Qu " azimuth, be in male square, it is northwest namely square.

"The third of the twelve Earthly Branches " azimuth, in straightforward square, it is northeastern namely.

"Midday " azimuth, be in from square, it is namely southern.

"The last of the twelve Earthly Branches " azimuth, be in male square, also be northwest square.

In other words, feed a cat favorable trend has northeast, south, the azimuth such as northwest. The gate leaves in these azimuth, generally speaking, raised cat particularly strong, healthy and lively.

Same, if residential gate is not to leave in these 4 azimuth and if liking to raise a cat, these 4 azimuth in also can choosing the residence place a cat nest.

Cat the ground felt that sleep, can choose black, blue, cyan or green, because feline the five elements belongs to wood, black and blue ground felt belong to water, water can give birth to wood, cause interest cat grow. And the ground felt of cyan and green belongs to wood, wood can aid wood, reason also is opposite cat grow advantageous.

Gules felt the five elements belongs to fire, fire is met the vigour of wood of discharge bad news, and cat belong to wood, reason is unfavorable feed a cat with gules felt rest.

So what azimuth is unfavorable feed a cat?

Between 12 n, with " the third of the twelve Earthly Branches " the azimuth of Yu Xiangchong punishment is unfavorable feed a cat, otherwise, cat weak and sick, do not receive those who suffer host to teach. With the cat Xing Chong's azimuth has " southwest " , " southeast " two azimuth. Wanted to take care in the feline Mi lover of these two azimuth so, should make the best of time to trade the pit of feline Mi to other position as soon as possible.
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