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Pregnancy health body " eat " come out!
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Everybody all is put in various bacteria, virus, mould to reach a former put oneself in another's position to wait inside body. But when the immune power when human body is only low, the fellow that these is fed up with just can cause a disease, and the basic safeguard that good nutrition and constitution are oneself immunity force.

The first kind: Corn and potato kind
Corn includes rice, face, food grains other than wheat and rice. Potato kind include potato, sweet potato, cassava to wait, corn basically offers carbohydrate, protein, prandial fiber to reach vitamin of B a group of things with common features.

The 2nd kind: Animal food
Include birds, fish, grandma, egg and flesh to wait, basically offer A of high grade protein, adipose, mineral, vitamin and B a group of things with common features vitamin.

The 3rd kind: Legume reachs its goods
Include soja etc to do legume, basically offer protein, adipose, prandial fiber, mineral and vitamin of B a group of things with common features.

The 4th kind: Vegetable and fruit
Include alga of gill fungus of fruit of plant leaf, bine, Hua Tai, eggplant, Xian Dou, edible to wait. Fruit sort is various, offer C of prandial fiber, mineral, vitamin and carotene to wait. Contain rich vegetable, fruit and potato kind prandial, can enhance disease-resistant ability, reduce the happening of disease, having very main effect.

The 5th kind: Food of pure heat energy
Include to move, candy of vegetable oil, amylaceous, edible and wine kind. Basically provide energy, vegetable oil still can supply vitamin E and indispensible fatty acid.

   Special clew 

·Food intake notices grain of degree of finish is tie-in even, often eat some of coarse food grain, food grains other than wheat and rice to wait. Rice face is unfavorable too essence of life, otherwise vitamin, mineral spend prediction of a person's luck in a given year with prandial fiber much.

· food diversification can offer all sorts of different taste for us not only, more important is all sorts of nutriment that can offer human body to need, also can promote the immunity of human body the function at the same time.

The indispensible nutriment that · human body needs amounts to 40 kinds of above, absorb ability to achieve demand from inside much more phyletic food only balanced, because the lack of a kind of any indispensible nutriment can cause disease.

· is a little factitious the verdure that holds dish page, soda is added in the meeting when cook, destroy a vitamin so easily. The hot water that should use 60 ℃ first has been ironed, again cook, can avoid dish leaf to blacken so, reduce vitamin prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

· fruit takes leather edible as far as possible, after paring, also answer as soon as possible edible.
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