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Shanghai wears the geomantic fokelore of the road high
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Go out to want a course to wear a road high it seems that in Shanghai, on the car wear a road high, the road of Yan'an of central ─ ─ that always can wear road communication high through Shanghai, Chengdu road. Of every course here without one be not worn high advocate the elegant Long Wen of column jacket buy is attracted, the instant can have a doubt to appear necessarily: Yan'an road, Chengdu road is worn high advocate why to want on column alone " column " one show, surround on Bai Gang, is the dragon on grain acted the role of? No matter you are to take illicit home car, the pubic car, still be a taxi, driving department opportunity tells you actively about be being worn high with dragon story, stem from the mouth of every driver, version is different, content very much the same, be full of mystery and magical.

In 90 time, shanghai wears construction high is Shen Cheng heavy Zhen Xiongfeng, the music before top-ranking city of ascend body world, afterwards core line builds and after be open to traffic, the Chengdu road of perforative urban district is worn high and Yan'an road is worn high early or late mount a horse, in forming north and south of perforative Shanghai thing " cropland " word pattern, change urban heavy traffic to jam thoroughly thereby, finish Shanghai to be worn high thereby go up finally a day, leave a ground " explain " the old structure of the glyph.

Project at the beginning of take seriously by Shanghai leaders of all levels, the support of Shanghai citizen, of team of engineering trick 朮 go all out in work, make project progress amazingly quick. On the way vista, a day an appearance, half month cannot find old street lanes and alleys. Do not have expect, when the thing that has a key when the project wears road and north and south high to wear the interface of road across connection high, as wear a road high advocate how does the fundamental ground picket of column also hit no less than going to.

Project suffocate suffocate, unluckily suffocate suffocate is handed in in thing north and south collect a dot to go up, suffocate suffocate is in Shanghai highest wear high advocate under column! Browse Shanghai geological data, shanghai belongs to Campagna of alluviation of delta of the Yangtse River, do not have beyond the mark and intricate layer state of affairs. Participate in designing institute of the municipal designing institute of the project, Shanghai city building to design, shanghai is municipal assemble instantly with the engineering company such as channel ability 朮 force tackles key problem, one and again, again and 3, ground picket is not hit namely. Who can think of to be unluckily on this crucial interface make no less than ground pile, vertical stroke won'ts do advocate column.

The project is temporary halt, fight bravely to be fed in the workers of project forefront unwilling, bedroom uneasiness. Do not know how, a kind of view is in furtive in stealthily get about: Can you be the problem of respect of geomantic dragon arteries and veins? Should ask a geomantic gentleman or look in light of Taoism priest rabbi? This kind of view appears, get instantly of expert of engineering trick 朮 rebound, this is pair of ability 朮 experts simply mock! In science all-time develop today, the force of human conquer nature can go up empyreal take a month, touch difficulty of a project to beg a god to do obeisance to Buddha, be heads of pair of feudal superstition heart? Enliven afresh then, wide invite elite of each ability 朮, the assemble gnaws hard bone to this one interface. Leader personally assume personal command, popular feeling is neat, the father-in-law moves! Must want will advocate the ground picket of column is hit, assure whole time limit for a project not by incur loss through delay.
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