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209 sets of Jiangsu design of public rental rate will be people to vote
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Happiness "ants" station, easy living, 60 cube, cellular - Butterfly, bird blog, one poetic name, not the developer do apartments, but the design of public rental area. Yesterday, the provincial Office of Housing and Urban's "Jiangsu Province, design of public rental housing development" on display in Nanjing Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the province's 209 design competition of public rental program will be selected for public voting sets of scores. The exhibition will last until October 10.


On-demand design

Re-store the elderly, young people love the Internet

Jiangsu public design competition attracted a total rent of 212 design units in the province. Reporters on the scene saw the exhibition, selected programs, both "on paper" in the virtual design, but also the reality of public rental community planning programs, such as the financial district of Nanjing's first public park rental.

As a transitional affordable housing, small size is the most prominent feature of public rental, dormitory-type 5-8 square meters per person, Danshi Tao, a small dwelling size was 30,45 square meters, the large dwelling size in 60 square meters or less. Therefore, the design of public rental are compact, the smallest room in which the program "60 Cube", 55 square meters of dwelling size, there are three bedrooms, were only 4.5 and 5.53 meters.

"Public rental housing in different populations, different needs, such as the spiritual needs of college students will be more, to have private space and public space, can be made into a small room large living room design, and outsiders pay more attention to the larger bedroom," the The contest expert, Wang Jianguo, Southeast University School of Architecture Dean said. In addition, the reporter found in some programs, because older people are more debris, the more they focus on the design of public rental storage space; and young people, more than watching TV with the computer, so the living room you can not, but the Internet space have to reserved for the.


Public space

Corridor where there are "big room"

Because of the small size of public rental, so most of the programs take into account the design of public space reserved. To the first floor layout more rooms upstairs, and many have adopted a public rental Corridor design, strung together by a long corridor ten families. Xuzhou should select a program, also designed a protruding corridor area, put tables and chairs to become public "big room", together with neighbors who are able to chat to the guests, sitting at home high, not down to in the "big room" in parlor, and faced the corridor windows, the use of shutters, ensuring ventilation, lighting the same time, strengthen privacy.

In addition, a specially designed for migrant workers quarters program, each in two quarters, have designed a shared terrace, the same can also play a role in the living room. There is a public rental design, the layout of each layer of the public kitchen, medical room, press room and so on.


Flexible variable

Last year was a small apartment, next year into a three bedroom

"Public rental housing population is mobile, so needs are constantly changing, the demand may now be more than a single apartment, living a few years may be increased demand for small families, so the design of the public to consider renting residential growth, variability," the The contest expert, Wang Jianguo, Southeast University School of Architecture Dean said.

Therefore, renting a small majority of the public selected to take a modular design, the same size of the module, through changes in spatial distribution, can become several or even dozens of dwelling size, number of years, could also be converted as needed. Such as the Suzhou City's "Wall of changes" in the 60 square meters in the program, start by folding the wall and realize freedom of changes in the living room and bedroom, to meet two to four people live. Open a wall, a large living room large bedroom, two homes comfortable living; open the two, plus the living room becomes a baby nurse live, larger nursery; open three, living room with the parents and minors Children also have a bedroom, if the elderly, three generations live together as long as the wall becomes a folding three-bedroom. In the spring Zhaohuai Min Ye


Young people in the eyes of the "ideal home" -

A private room near the subway

Yesterday, in the "design of public rental Jiangsu Exhibition" opened on the occasion, the reporter interviewed several just work, or about the employment of young people, listen to their ideal home.

Dwelling: to have separate privacy

For condominiums, the different living conditions of newly employed people also have different preferences, but independent of the private space is essential. July this year, just go to work in Zhang select three-bedroom, "just to live a lonely job, rented to pay more friends, life will not be too boring, and as long as there is a separate bedroom, as there is personal space. More importantly, sharing the rent may also be cheaper. "suites for sharing, Zhang that do not have to design the living room, but it must be able to access.

Compared to just work, no girlfriend Sally, has been working in Nanjing, Miss Ho and her boyfriend of three years is that they would prefer to rent a single apartment, you can enjoy uninterrupted two of the world.

Lot: The best near the subway

At present, Nanjing and other places in Maigaoqiao planned public rental community, which some young people that do not have to build public rental in the city center, but traffic must be convenient, if in the suburbs, it is best near the subway.

Miss Ho that the subway is very important, "In fact, to work, space, distance is no longer important, the key is to look at the distance of time. I units in the Drum Tower, the door of my colleagues live in Andrew subway to work, as long as the twenty minutes will be able to to, and live in Longjiang colleagues, although more recent, but the early peak of a traffic jam will take over forty minutes. "

Deal: canteens, supermarkets, gym

Public rental of public facilities is complete, and what young people want most? Nanjing University Li graduating students that "there must be a supermarket, shopping more convenient ah. In addition, medical room is also essential, and if there is a Toutengnaore, do not have to find that hospital."

Zhang, there are most like the public dining area, "Young people are less likely to cook, no time, there is a canteen, the food problem will be solved." In addition, the gym is what he wants, "the best there can swimming pools. "Ye

The first bids a year now!

Nanjing Xianlin no application for a commercial and financial sites

Held yesterday afternoon at a land auction, located in Nanjing, East Gate One Xianlin the crane business and financial land application because no one bid on the bids, which is August 11 last year, since the bids for the first time in Nanjing block. Kuni's another piece of the two companies drew mixed commercial and residential land bidding, the final premium of 24% total turnover of 3.4 billion, a bit depressing to get to the developer, said, "too expensive."

Xianlin: lack of confidence, the developers did not dare to take over

"As of now, G30 block no registration, I declare that the land bids." Yesterday afternoon, when the staff of the department of land in Nanjing cents Linxian He announced the auction block the door 一号 results, the presence of participants and journalists who issued a sigh.

Xianlin Road G30 block is located north of the total transfer area of 9016.7 square meters, the nature of land for commercial and financial sector, the volume rate of not more than 2, building height is limited to 24 meters with a starting price of 83 million yuan, transfer floor price is 4603 yuan / square meter. Residential projects currently gathered around the plot, including Zijin ita, Poly amethyst mountain real estate. Such a high gold content of the land registration why no one bid on it? A local development company official told reporters, this is a whole big plate Xianlin environment. "From this year since the New Deal, not hot Xianlin has been, from the perspective of the development sector, but also the taste somewhat stagnant, which is the developer can not or do not want to take over the real reason."

Kuni: you have to buy, developers no choice but to get to

Kuni had thought nothing of suspense commercial and residential plots, did not expect the two companies has also led to the auction yesterday, after 14 rounds of fighting, eventually invest Xinghua bag of 3.4 billion in revenue, compared to 274 million reserve price was up 24% .

Transfer notice show off this piece of land is located in Luhe Road, east of Ge, for mixed commercial and residential land, the total selling area of 66,895 square meters, floor area ratio of 2.62. The current land surrounding shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other supporting relatively complete, the sale of the houses near to the main fitness room, from the nearest houses in the sale of real estate Arcadia average price of 7,000 yuan / square meters.

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