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Jiangsu Public rental housing for low-income people in a warm home
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September 21, Jiangsu Province, the Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, held in Nanjing, "Jiangsu Province, design of public rental housing development." Vice Governor HE Quan, director Zhou Lan, office party secretary Jiang mileage, deputy director Gu Xiaoping and other leaders attended the meeting and visited the exhibition site, which means the official start of public rental housing, in low-income people will be able to rent the a warm and comfortable home.

It is learned that Jiangsu Province, the first to promote the protection of housing construction, low-cost housing, affordable housing, public rental housing construction and urban rebuilding of old housing has intensified, and continue to broaden the scope of protection, guaranteeing the end of 2010 will achieve the housing difficulties families apply for low-cost housing and rental subsidies Shiwupeizu "as the cities", purchase of low-income housing for needy families apply for low-cost housing, affordable housing and rental subsidies, "as the cities." This is to improve the housing security system to protect and improve people's livelihood, promote a harmonious society as a whole an important measure.

It is learned that Jiangsu will be added this year, 100,000 public rental housing, the design activity collected a total of nearly 500 design, the program of "Jiangsu Province, Design Guidelines for public rental housing," as the basis, in the single building design, adhere to the " small dwelling size, full-featured, fine, existing home "principle, to meet the residential building" applies, security, economic, aesthetic, "the basic requirements. Exhibited as a low-rent housing affordable housing, affordable housing and public rental, are small size, more emphasis on functionality and usability. Innovative ideas, give full play to space potential for affordable housing plans to open a new design direction. "

Site, a senior expert told reporters that the program design with natural geographic features and characteristics of urban culture, from the human, the idea of a harmonious community, focusing on innovation and environmental design, with emphasis on low-carbon, the concept of livable, "four of a green "and saving fully reflect the urban and rural construction.

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