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Jiangsu new layer below the public rental of 12 to have solar
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Nanjing is expected to start applying next year

During the festival, Urban Planning and Construction Exhibition in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the program of public rental housing design competition exhibition attracted many local people and overseas tourists. Yesterday, the state housing construction Qi Ji, vice minister of public rental came to Nanjing to visit a design exhibition, renting of Jiangsu Gong spoke highly of the work.

"Jiangsu, Changzhou, in particular, public rental construction, the current forefront of the country." Yesterday afternoon, Qi Ji, urban planning and construction came to Nanjing to visit the exhibition galleries. He looked very carefully, carefully explained, and still some problems.

"Nanjing is also particular about the drafts it? Veranda like this design, ventilation and how to solve the problem?" Read part of the program, Qi Ji, very keen to find a lot of designs are used outside the gallery, with a long corridor to a families to string together. "This model has the advantage of small size pool, a layer of a lot of people can live, but the air will not be a problem?"

Director of the Office of Housing and Urban Jiangsu Province, Zhou Lan explained that under the climatic conditions in Nanjing, verandah can be made open-style, which makes ventilation and good north-south. Moreover, the construction of public rental Jiangsu also a "green" hard: the total floor level below 12 must give every family in the installation of solar water heaters. 12 floors above, considering the roof area is not enough, no mandatory requirements, but also suggested promoting the use of, such as Nanjing, this time there is the use of public rental design the solar vertical, hanging on every balcony outside.

This reporter learned that 3 days before National Day, the number of visitors has been on a million people, many of them members of the public not only the design of their favorite cast a vote, but also carefully fill out the suggestions and comments. Some suggested that part of the design of the kitchen, facing the balcony outside the bedroom, smoke house, easily blown; some suggested that public rental must be built in transport facilities, fully furnished living areas. More people care about, the design done a good job, but when the public can live rent it?

Reporter learned yesterday, is currently preparing Jiangsu cities is working out relevant rules of public rental. "Could be as affordable housing, low-rent housing, as in low-income people to apply through the streets; newly employed people and migrant workers, may apply through the unit." Relevant person in Nanjing, Nanjing, the four major groups-type protection of housing construction has started under construction, which was built on with a number of public rental. Next year, Nanjing to the public can apply for registration of rent.

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