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Jiangsu provides the following public rental 12 floors solar hot water systems t
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Zhongguang Wang Nanjing, Oct. 5, according to Voice of China "CNR News" reported that the provisions of Jiangsu Province, 12-storey building below the public rental uniform installation of solar hot water system, which is convenient for residents, but also to promote the housing use energy-saving and emission reduction. Details, we connect a CCTV reporter Yang Shouhua in Jiangsu.

Moderator: 12 public rental uniform layer below solar, this is a new regulation it?

Reporter: This is not a new regulation. We briefly to review the provisions of solar energy in Jiangsu. Back in November 2007, Jiangsu Province, on the next issued "on strengthening the application of solar hot water systems and management," which provides from 1 January 2008, the urban areas of Jiangsu Province and under the new 12-storey residential and new construction, renovation and expansion of hotels, hotel, commercial and residential hot water needs such as public buildings, should be unified design and installation of solar hot water system. The circular also pointed out that if solar water heating systems do not need to give reasons in writing by the building department to convene experts to analyze the reasons for the decision after the demonstration. By 2008, the General Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government has issued "on the strengthening of building energy efficiency," which provided since 2008, and below the new 12-storey residential, "qualified" should be unified design, installation of solar hot water system . To the end of October 2009, Jiangsu Province has introduced the "Energy Conservation Measures for the Administration Building in Jiangsu Province", the following provisions of the new 12-storey residential, shall be in accordance with the provisions of unified design, installation of solar hot water system. Then the above rules and regulations of public rental is also mentioned in the "R", so, this provision is not new.

Moderator: So, 12 floors below the residential installation of solar uniform implementation of this provision in Jiangsu how?

Reporter: First, we want to make sure that government is good the original intention of this provision, if implemented well, then certainly for the energy saving effect will play a significant boost, but also greatly facilitates the household. But we need a clear understanding of the concept of "the following new 12-storey residential," since it is from the end of 2009, new residential, but if the 12 floors below. Learned from our point of view, to Nanjing, for example, in the main city basically has no new residential, while still below the level to 12. Limited land, developers as possible to get higher and higher floor, more than 12 layers, this provision was not mandatory.

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