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"Help city " ought not to follow suit blindly must respect building city to run
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"From bottom to top of 18 provinces municipal government helps room city, central acquiesce " message, will enter country awesomely on October 16 each prominent place of big website. This is telling people it seems that, the action that help city will be taken with each province in the center of.

A few latterer urban building town is small fan, local government otherwise should go " save " , put in very big difference all the time. Low income buys room door in, feeling house price to be returned on whole is on the high side, still bear extremely. But savor " room city finance " the local government of benefit, did not sink to enrage already, already employing the cash of taxpayer, go the person that allowance buys a house partly, business of help house property stays in house price firmly, even house price drive up. Such doing, can " save " got building town, can " save " many mostly long building city, itself is be suspicious letting a person very. Below this kind of circumstance, who is knowing those who blow " wind " , say local government helps city move this kind, had gotten " central acquiesce " . The meaning below its character, the place helps city is not isolated, have interest, can turn into very quickly national operation. Then development business encourages to oneself rapidly, "The spring of estate will come very quickly " .

Building city unlike the stock market, do not have oneness, oneness. Price of house of one part town is low fan, and valence still resides the room of another part city not to fall high. In a lot of 34 lines cities, house price did not drop not only, and still rising. Last in building city low confused city, the government is rescue " room city finance " , roll out a few policy that help city, want apparently not lawbreaking statute only, you want to save be saved, if can get the result, pay be more than income, that is a kind of good luck. If do not close to expect the result, even compensate the madam is folded again arms, that considers you hapless, the loss just also is in finite area. But no matter effective, this and " central acquiesce " what concern is there? If effective, why to need again " central acquiesce " ? If disable, it is an a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting even, in the center of although " acquiescent " , what problem can that solve again?

Below the circumstance that lacks factual foundation, move " central acquiesce " encourage boost one's courage, the mood with not solemn since, expose a relevant local government to lack confidence to helping city again, still contain even " force the king or emperor to abdicate " disrelish. The place is saved do not help building city, concern only whether to need; Already took the action that help city, should set out from practical effect more, do not use so called " the acquiesce central " give his boost one's courage or search excuse; Did not take the action that help city, should have oneself definite idea, esteem building city runs the rule, ought not to follow suit blindly. If get so called " central acquiesce " misdirect and ground of a wind is noted endowment the city that save a building, that can do indignation of taxpayer of sell one's own things only, the issue that makes oneself regret comes.
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