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The expert says: Chinese house price still can fall 20%- - the price falls just
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This year since second half of the year, many local government of domestic come on stage in succession " real estate is new politics " , with period turn round estate market declining tendency, subsequently and come the estate of all sorts of version " help city " cry gradually tall. Again the message said recently, the earliest next month, policy of estate adjusting control is loosened likely, specific the interest rate restriction that includes to cancel pair of the 2nd flatlet, reduce house property duty and lengthen individual room to borrow repay deadline.

According to concerning statistic, at present the whole nation already had nearly 20 cities to roll out include to buy a room to enter door, decrease the duty, allowance that buy a house to wait inside " real estate is new politics " , carry brace up continuously low confuse clinch a deal quantity. When Mei Sheng of Nie of chairman of chamber of commerce of property of residence of countrywide business association was accepting media to interview recently, express, concerned estate market is new politics next month publishs existence definite possibility, but he expresses at the same time, relevant policy discusses long-standing, participate in make new politics still total bureau of Wu of the Central Bank, duty waits.

Develop form to the hair of Chinese estate market, course of study of Bank of China of university of central finance and economics Guo Tianyong of research center director yesterday (on October 16) express, chinese real estate is current the biggest contradiction still is house price opposite dweller is actual the difference between purchasing power. To the majority buys room person now for, their income is opposite house price still is on the low side. If real estate wants to stimulate actual demand and consumption now, falling the price just is the most important.

Guo Tianyong expresses, compare with the photograph of house price level 2007, present price still exists of 20% depreciate space, according to his research, if estate all valence reduced the sentence of 20% 2007 relatively, the bad loan increase rate of banking is about 0.7% to 0.8% , from the point of bank banking venture, won't give too big question.

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