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Does development business uncover secret to become an appetent He Wei? Can estat
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Rise in network popularity from last year " bask in salary " begin, "Bask in " had become on the network one kind of distinctive culture. Beijing East Asia is new recently China development business also was propped up " bask in cost " old standard, uncover real-estate project to develop the profit space in the process oneself. Before this, of estate development business " sudden huge profits " it is numerous people's expeditionary focus all the time, and the profit margin with landed actual project is the suspense that lets everybody guess hard all the time however.

Expose to the sun oneself expense of 7 big cost

In East Asia new China the Communist Party of China of detailed list of house price cost that announce covered 39 expense, include land access to obtain administration fee of cost of cost, early days cost, construction cost, municipal form a complete set, tax cost, sale and financial cost 7 big content.

Besides, east Asia is new China still be in order to answer two projects of Long Guan area and abundant stage area exemple undertook an analysis, the cost of every square metre that after calculating 7 cost entirely, reachs achieved 7662 yuan to mix 11405 yuan respectively, according to the price at that time 8300 yuan are calculated with 12000 yuan, the profit of two projects is every square metre respectively 638 mix 595 yuan.

In the meantime, east Asia is new China landed controller also expresses, enumerated above case is to be more intuitionistic make consumer understands those who develop cost to form, do not represent the case that at present Beijing place has a project, itself is in respective area 8300 yuan with 12000 yuan making work the project is very few, the major project price that is the same as area prep above this price. And whether is room value true already sole? Whether did real-estate industry arrive really is " icebound " hour? In the appeal development business leaves sudden huge profits while, hope consumer forms the project that pays close attention to his to make more objective judgement according to cost.

Beijing East Asia is new China landed controller also thinks: "As estate market development matures increasingly, the housing spending behavior of consumer is increasingly rational also, whether is real estate put in the doubt of sudden huge profits, because industry diaphaneity is insufficient,basically be, authority of consumer know the inside story is couldn't get contented, because this meeting produces wait-and-see situation. Below this kind of circumstance, development business should be faced bravely, do not be afraid of reveal the inside story, how do letting the market see the value of estate really arise after all, make a true, scientific explanation to the objective law in building city, tell consumer a true costing means, let everybody be clear that profit holds how old proportion after all, so that select the estate product of own need correctly.
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