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Secondhand room, dish the vivid room that put an amount is helpful for estate ma
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The influence is secondhand room market trades

By September, if the Geshao that works in travel agent of a foreign capital passes intermediary, took a fancy to Beijing ground altar east of a of Men Guangming building 59 square metre secondhand room. Pass argy-bargy one time, clinch a deal finally valence is 700 thousand yuan. "The house 2004, total prices also can be accepted, reimbursement pressure won't be very great. " if Geshao likes this to cover a house very much.

Calculated brushstroke Zhang to her till intermediary, just discover 700 thousand yuan this house is far more than.

The basis is active secondhand the room trades policy, room age is in of 5 years of less than secondhand the room trades must total of pay house price the business tax of 5.5% , the agree duty of 1.5% (apartment and high-grade property are 3%) , the individual income tax of 1% and the stamp duty of 0.1% . Calculate always come down, of 5 years of less than secondhand the room trades 8.1% what deal with all sorts of imposition to reach house price.

In the meantime, buy a house through intermediary, if Geshao is returned so that pay the intermediary of 3% fee, and the charge such as 3000 yuan loan service fee and cost of 3000 yuan change the name of owner in a register. According to the regulation, business tax, individual income tax should be assumed by the bargainor, the charge such as intermediary cost should partake in proportion by both sides. However, the reporter is learned from much home intermediary, in recent years on Beijing field secondhand great majority of house quoted price is " realize price " , namely all tax cost are assumed by the person that buy a house. Such calculating come down, if Geshao is about the tax cost that the burden exceeds 11% , this house price is close to 800 thousand yuan. Even if more than 5 years, what do not need pay business tax is secondhand room, the person that buy a house also should pay the duty of more than 6% fee. And on the market welcome, still basically be the second bridal chamber inside 5 years.

To avoid duty, the contract buying a house of intermediary general Ge Shaoru " one divides into two " . Close to clinch a deal with what go up valence coachs according to the change the name of owner in a register of this area valence is signed, it is 420 thousand yuan (price of guidance of change the name of owner in a register often apparent the real market value under this area) ; Additionally 280 thousand yuan are in a piece " compensatory agreement " in reflect. Such, geshao is like leave out nearly 20 thousand yuan duty is expended. Although this one practice is non-standard, and can increase trade risk, but be in Beijing actually secondhand room market is very common. "Although avoid duty, all tax cost adds up not low also. " Ge Shaoru says.

"Duty is expended not only on the high side, and cannot ' instalment ' . To great majority first buy course of study, head the person that pay to slant to buy a house closely originally, the burden is heavier. " Niu Lizhen of manager of region of red temple trifling says catenary home real estate, great majority of the person that these buy a house is change direction because of the tall house price that bears not to have bridal chamber secondhand of room market, but of on the high side trade tax cost, let a few person that buy a house turn again return skill room market to go up.
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