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Does national house property save city program to hand in the State Council to c
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Caricature: Local government moves " the city that help a house "

An authoritative personage discloses to the reporter, on the market about national estate " help city " the rumor that policy publishs is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. The branch such as housing and ministry of urban and rural construction had made one flatlet real estate jointly " help city " plan, handed in the State Council, policy comes on stage to need equal opportunity only.

Ministry of land natural resources a personage also expresses to the reporter, on October 9, a housing that comes around by the State Council and ministry of urban and rural construction already sent department of land natural resources about the analytic report of current estate situation, trade to current estate among them quantity, trade amount did concrete analysis, integral viewpoint is situation of current estate market already very austere.

A series of " blowy " the movement is finished ceaselessly, estate is macroscopical adjusting control is new politics come on stage to need an opportunity only.

Policy prepares to end

Go up to the market about will giving adjusting control of national level estate new politics hearsay, branch of adjusting control director all expresses silent. Come on stage to many local government " help city " policy, sectional not express an opinion is in charge of in the center of.

Actually, many local government come on stage " help city " policy had stricken concerned policy apparently " red line " . For example, hangzhou " 24 " the first time in the regulation is right " 2 flatlet borrow money " policy undertook adjustment, but the Central Bank did not respond to its behavior to whether close legally to this compasses.

The policy that Xi'an city publishs puts forward clearly to develop business to take the ground to be able to have big lot segmentation, cent an administrative unit in Xizang pays, cent an administrative unit in Xizang takes testimony, this is apparent with ministry of land natural resources the provision that does not get instalment to take testimony is hanged to have inimical place about land fascia before this, but ministry of land natural resources does not have reaction to this.

These behavior all are understood to be by the market in the center of right to local government building city " help city " of behavior " acquiesce " . Since atmosphere atmosphere allows, estate adjusting control is new politics come on stage to already did not have policy pressure.

Afore-mentioned authoritative personages introduce, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are this second " package " estate is macroscopical of adjusting control new policy take the lead make a department, combine the total bureau of national tax Wu, department such as people bank at the same time, main policy content includes:
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