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Building city warms wind frequency blows benefit to restore at estate market con
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A month is less than after afterwards will lower interest first September, the Central Bank will move again on October 8, announce to reduce deposit reserve to lead 0.5 percent since October 15, reduce a year since October 9 at the same time period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent, other time class puts loan standard interest rate is made adjust accordingly.

Policy transmits positive signal

Exciting economy grows

This is the Central Bank inside a month announces the 2nd times to lower interest. September 15 lower interest after the message comes out, no matter the expert still is industry, all think pair of real estate impacts are not big consistently. photograph comparing, after lowering interest continuously, viewpoint and debate are lively much.

"Administration relieves the first condition of city " , " lower interest the passageway is opened, get warm again after a cold spell of city of benefit good building " and " the Central Bank lowers interest be not help city, estate cold winter is endless still " , " lower interest adumbrative economy sails accommodation train, very finite to real estate benefit " wait for different point of view to diffusing whole estate market.

Industry of buy of Luoyang treasure dragon grows company general manager to reside the sea to say why, the function that uses interest rate lever comes one of main functions that adjusting control economy is monetary policy, lowering interest also is stimulation and one of edge tool that maintain economic growth. Reduce interest rate and deposit reserve to lead continuously, it is a strong policy signal, the profit that although not be direct,is aimed at building city is good, but still have active sense to building city. "Double rate " reducing immediate effect is to be able to borrow money financing raises, loan cost is reduced, and indirect effect is exciting economy, aim to enhance enterprise and consumer to be opposite the confidence of prospective economy and anticipate. Meantime receives action to be more than immediate effect even.

Enhance desire of loan of the person that buy a house

Ensure rigid demand

"Since the message that lower interest is released, in light of the circumstance that mirrors instead from the client, the effect is more apparent. " Yang Shaoqin of manager of client of center of loan of housing of individual of branch of Luoyang of industrial and commercial bank says, especially the person buy a house with house money larger amount, deflection is spent at choosing to increase the specified number of loan, the money that comes down the province is used at decorating to wait for other way. He is analysed, the person that buy a house for the most part changes in attention interest rate circumstance, occurrence interest good news, even if be very little interest good news, have the effect of exert a subtle influence on to strengthening their confidence that buy a house.
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