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The government saves the doubt of city: Room assist deny those who ban say- - Ha
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Help city new politics the absent incident after promulgating draws attention of the height inside course of study, whether because of " ban " each view is differ.

Hangzhou " help city 24 " can you rise to the building city of bad old practices die hard how old the effect? Today, be regarded as this policy the first " touchstone " Zhejiang saves exposition of the 15th estate to will kick off. However, the precise information that the reporter obtains, say to include 10 thousand divisions, answer ground, medium Haitian the real estate big wrist that produces inside will all absent and current Fang Bo is met!

During National Day, the similar Fair that the city such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu holds, these mainstream development business also all ginseng exhibit. Can you be why is big wrist absent " help city " does Fang Bo meet the Hangzhou after?

10 thousand divisions answer Mediterranean all absent

As we have learned, each district room attended to hand in before this the 10 thousand divisions of the meeting, medium the sea, answer ground, the Fang Bo that will not attend this Hangzhou is met. It is these development business of the representing with 10 thousand divisions, still have in Hangzhou at present in carry out project, do not cross those who pass earlier stage to take the lead in depreciating, relative to other development business, its building dish sale state is better.

Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study discloses, win of house of absent of company of large and famous estate meets this second part, because price of project early days is adjusted,basically be, be rejected to attend thereby exhibit meeting.

Yesterday, the personage is being accepted related association of Zhejiang province estate when interviewing, express, really little part will develop business to undertake the price is adjusted September, but the follow-up that did not cause more development business.

"Show sign of get warm again after a cold spell slightly in Hangzhou market when, a few buildings dish the price is adjusted, the person that let buy a house is immersed in once more wait-and-see. " on October 15, hangzhou some building dish layout personage expresses, probably because be below this setting, hangzhou municipal government came on stage to help municipal plan.

Be the first depreciate the disaster that cause?

To absent reason, yesterday, zhejiang south 10 thousand divisions Lv Ping of spokesman of external affairs of estate limited company is being accepted when interviewing, express, 10 thousand families do not play current Fang Bo to meet, advocate if because company project is in,be exhibited,set near the meeting show a house for a long time.

In the personage also expresses related ministry of layout of sale of sea real estate, do not attend exhibit meeting, because company project has better selling office spot to call in all the time,be quantity, accordingly, the firm did not join the room first half of the year is exhibited this year meeting, also attend current Fang Bo to meet without arrangement at the same time.
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