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Gu Haibo: Local government already was become the biggest " estate develops busi
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Hangzhou municipal government was announced on October 14, 2008 " a certain number of opinions that stabilize development about health of market of Hangzhou city estate " (namely so called " 24 " ) , but end 14 days afternoon at 16 o'clock, "Live in Hangzhou net " the investigation of a more than 2300 person-time shows, the 72.39% person that poll think " do not change drop trend, effect is not big " ; 27.60% express, conduce to " prevent drop, building city get warm again after a cold spell " . What differ with other area is, hangzhou basically is adopted this buy a room to enter door, accumulation fund relaxes, delay of business of taxation derate and allowance, development hands in land money, government to purchase in low room, relax the policy such as complete deadline. "The power that Hangzhou municipal government can use a local government basically exhausted. "The power that Hangzhou municipal government can use a local government basically exhausted..

The policy that and other places of afterwards Shenyang, Xiamen, Chengdu, Changsha, Henan, Xi'an, Nanjing, old change publishs in succession includes to buy a room to enter door, duty-free fall the favourable measure such as the duty, allowance that buy a house, hangzhou municipal government also on October 14 hold a memorial ceremony for rose " ask city " big period banner, look more " ask city " area and measure can rise to surface, have more of all kinds " association, chamber of commerce " , of the do one's best of bookman of estate business, for use of an emperor and media of for use of an emperor " beat and breathe out " ! Have more very person return somebody to put word publicly unexpectedly today: "The estate market that offers by the branch such as the residence and ministry of urban and rural construction is new politics hopeful is rolled out in next month. According to the report, this already are referred to superstratum " loosen " the plan of policy of house property adjusting control, specific the restriction that includes to cancel pair of 2 flatlet, reduce house property duty and lengthen individual room to borrow repay deadline " , "Estate force " solemned to had kidnapped " administrative layer " ! Estate solemns to already made Chinese economy " help straw " ! If if it is so, I think " the residence and ministry of urban and rural construction " leaders also this come off sentry duty!

But look in the author, this is not in stable market, disturbing however the market! This says with its is " help city " , be inferior to saying is to ask city, essence is to be in city harmful a building! Random building city! Jeopardize economic society then! It is drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences! It is to be in the monopoly sudden huge profits that maintains real-estate industry! This is conspiratorial not only it is Yang Mou more! Current if so called house property " help city " , it is impute to of risk of price of will tall house if really ever since broad in low income person (below the condition that ensures housing shortage and history to arrear in China especially) , this is irresponsible! Of type of will ecbolic China " second borrow " , and, the author thinks sequential meeting of China is more serious! Chinese real estate " disease is in in, do not treat be sure deep " ! The phylogeny of estate of world of make a comprehensive view, heretofore returns neither one country and area to be able to control the bubble of estate successfully! The history is striking resemblance!
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