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The spring of estate is about very quickly to come
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Face outback estate market continuously low fan and the rumor that the government is about to help city, xu Rongmao of chairman of bureau of luxuriant group director is in the world 15 days when Hong Kong accepts Shanghai negotiable securities to sign up for a reporter to interview, think, policy needs to will come on stage in succession inside the multinomial stimulation that includes estate inside, arrive from now the end of the year will be policy comes on stage thick and fast period, "The spring of estate will come very quickly " .

Since this year, as the United States second borrow the crisis layer upon layer expose, and even cause global money market queasy, global estate market also fails escape by sheer luck. Xu Rongmao expresses, the estate market this year is good without the past, for real estate of this world trade already the anticipation this year income is adjusted by 17.9 billion yuan when decide formerly it is 14 billion yuan.

And last as outback building city low fan, concerned government is about to move to save the hearsay of city and cry to also emerge in endlessly. "The macroscopical adjusting control of past government is to be based on estate value to go up a too fast setting. " Xu Rongmao points out, as estate value price of house of down to of occurrence amplitude fall after a rise drops, this one policy is already incommensurate present market condition. He expresses further, administration puts forward to want recently need inside stimulation, and estate also is inside needed substantial, the policy that accordingly he predicts to need inside a lot of stimulation will come on stage in succession, include to be aimed at real-estate industry.

Xu Rongmao thinks, the policy of exciting estate market may include tripartite range: It is the derate that duty expends; 2 it is the untie a person that the 2nd flatlet mortgages limitation; 3 it is the favourable policy that local government also can publish a few will long-term to estate market generation effects.

His citing says, the local government such as Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi'an has begun to publish good policy of a few interest recently, will promote estate development.

"The spring of estate will come very quickly. " Xu Rongmao points out further, arrive from now the end of the year will be interest good policy is concentrated come on stage period.

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